Sperm Granuloma Pictures, Size, Pain, Ultrasound, Treatment

Sperm granuloma is described as a lump which is formed as a result of leaking sperm. It develops at the site where vas deferens is tied off. It is not a pathological condition and does not cause harm. The lump is an extravasated sperm which leaks out of vessel. Sperm granuloma is irregular in shape and sometimes it is round in shape. It's size ranges from one millimeter to one centimeter or even more. The lump in sperm granuloma contains degenerating sperms in the core which are surrounded by cells of immune system and blood vessels supplying blood.

Sperm Granuloma Pictures

Sperm Granuloma Pictures, Size, Pain, Ultrasound, Treatment

Sperm Granuloma Size

The lump produces at the site where vas deferens is tied off. It may be of varying sizes. It's usual size ranges from 1 millimeter to 1 centimeter. In some cases its size may even exceed 1 centimeter. It's size is totally dependent on the severity of disease. At initial stage, the lump size is small but with the passage of time (if left untreated) it will grow bigger in size. Sperm granuloma lumps which are smaller in size causes less problems and complications as compared to large sized sperm granuloma lumps. If lumps grow bigger in size, then immediate surgery is recommended.

Sperm Granuloma Pain

In most cases sperm granuloma is asymptomatic but if it show symptoms, then pain is the main common symptom. Patient may feel pain around testicles specifically in the groin area. Either left or right groin is involved. Pain may spread through out testicles and lower abdominal area. In some cases, patient feels no pain before vasectomy. But after vasectomy, patient may experience pain in groin and lower abdominal region. If pain is the primary symptom of sperm granuloma, then pain after vasectomy is called as congestive epididymitis. Pain severity is dependant on the size of sperm granuloma lumps.

Sperm Granuloma Ultrasound

Sperm granuloma occurs mostly in people with vasectomized history. Color and power Doppler ultrasound is used to diagnose sperm granuloma. Patient is allowed to lie down in supine position and a support is placed under legs to hold scrotum at a place. Penis is arranged superiorly and dropped with a towel. 8 MHZ to 15 MHZ transducer is used for scanning sperm granuloma. Transducers can exceed the given range to diagnose and view scrotal contents in bigger resolution. Transverse ages of both testes are obtained to have a clear view of disease.

Sperm Granuloma Treatment

When sperms start leaking from vas deferens as a result of cut, then in response to leakage, immune system of body get activated. The activated immune system leads to inflammation. So anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. Drugs involved ibuprofen, acetaminophen and naproxen. Aspirin is not recommended for two days after vasectomy. Ice pack can be used as a home remedy to relief pain. After two to three days, patient may continue his routine activities. But heavy weight lifting should be avoided for at least 1 week. These are precautions helps a lot in reducing chances of complications and chances of symptoms re-occurrence.
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