Ejaculatory Duct Cyst Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Diagnosis

Ejaculatory duct cyst is a type of prostatic cyst which rarely occur. In this condition obstruction in ejaculatory duct occurs due to any reason and then a cyst is formed leading to infertility and other problems. These ejaculatory duct obstructions can be congenital or secondary i.e. inflammation. Normally ejaculatory cyst are intra prostatic when small in size but can spread and extend when become large. Urinary tract infection may be the biggest risk factor. Cyst may occur in both ejaculatory ducts. As a result semen is not able to pass out most constituents and leads to infertility and pelvic region pain.

Ejaculatory duct Cyst Causes

There may be many causes behind ejaculatory duct obstruction which leads to cyst formation. Some of the main causes are discussed below:

Ejaculatory duct obstruction may occur as a result of total loss of semen i.e. aspermia or may also due to decrease in semen volume i.e. oligospermia. Oligospermia involve only the ejaculation of accessory prostate glands downwards to the penis orifice (outer end of ejaculatory duct). It may occur secondary to inflammation. Inflammation may occur as a result of chlamydia, prostatitis, and tuberculosis of prostate gland or other pathogens. Calculus is also reported in blocking of ejaculatory duct and cyst formation.

Ejaculatory Duct Cyst Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Diagnosis

Ejaculatory duct Cyst Symptoms

Symptoms of ejaculatory duct cyst are all associated with pelvic region. Pain in pelvic region may occur. Men will face infertility if there is cyst in both ejaculatory ducts. This infertility may occur as a result of aspermia or azoospermia. Patients with ejaculatory duct cyst may not get sexual pleasure and enjoyment of orgasm because of lack of gel like fluid of seminal vesicles. Discomfort in scrotum and anus. Painful sexual intercourse and extreme pain after ejaculation. Patient will have some involuntary contractions of pelvic muscles.

Ejaculatory duct Cyst Diagnosis

Diagnosis of ejaculatory duct cyst or obstruction is easy. Low volume ejaculation from semen or no ejaculation these both conditions will show obstruction in ejaculatory duct. Patient itself can observe it during masturbation or orgasm. Seminal vesicles contain a fluid composed of fructose. So chemical analysis if show decreased concentration of fructose it means patient is suffering from ejaculatory duct cyst. Semen analysis is also performed under microscope to check its concentration and volume. Aspermia and azoospermia are also checked in semen microscopic analysis. Oligospermia and dry ejaculation these are considered main diagnostic features of ejaculatory duct cyst.

Ejaculatory duct Cyst Treatment

According to the underlying cause, there are many treatment options. Transurethral resection is performed to remove cyst from ejaculatory duct. It is an invasive method with some complications. After this men are able to led pregnancies in their sex partners. Main disadvantage is that urine may flow backwards and cause problems. Balloon catheters are also used in recanalization of ejaculatory ducts. Spermatozoa are harvested or produced directly from testes and then introduced into female ovary outside the body, this process is known as in vitro fertilization. After the process is completed, that ovary is again placed in women body for development.
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