Double Teeth Problem Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

When a row of teeth starts arranging itself just behind the teeth of jaw line, this condition is termed as double teeth. It most commonly occurs in children. It looks scary but it is completely harmless. They do not cause serious problems and treatment is also very easy. Normally baby teeth fall off at the age of 5 to 7 years and replaced by permanent strong teeth. Permanent teeth start growing just behind baby teeth. These permanent teeth loses the roots of baby teeth and they fall off. Then permanent teeth replace baby teeth.

In case of double teeth problem, the permanent teeth do not grow just underneath baby teeth and find their way just above or behind baby teeth causing double teeth problem. In double teeth problem, baby teeth do not fall off and remain on their position. Usually double teeth appear behind lower and upper front teeth. Children with double teeth problem may face problem in chewing and biting food. Biting with double teeth may cause gums injury. It is a visual problem and can be observed with naked eye. No diagnostic tools are required. Treatment is also very easy as no major surgery is required.

Double Teeth Problem Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Double Teeth Symptoms

Double teeth problem is a visible condition and can be observed with naked eye. In this condition, children have two rows of teeth one behind the other. The front row have baby teeth and 2nd row consists of permanent teeth. Common symptoms related to double teeth problem include drooling, irritability during growth of permanent teeth and after complete growth. Biting may cause excessive touching of double teeth with opposite gums and it can cause redness of gums and soreness of gums. Children find comfort in chewing clothes or plastic stuff and other objects they get.

Double Teeth Causes

Double teeth is not a pathological condition and is completely harmless. It may occur in almost 30 percent of children. It occurs at two points in childhood 1st at 6 years old, when incisors start growing just behind baby incisors and appear in the form of double teeth. Secondly it can occur at the age of 11 years. At this age, like permanent incisors grown behind baby incisors, molar teeth start growing just behind baby molars instead of growing underneath baby molars. It may happen due to late falling of baby teeth, as a result permanent teeth start growing side by side causing double teeth problem.

Double Teeth Problem Treatment

As it is completely harmless condition, some patients do not prefer treatment because they feel completely okay with this. But usually its treatment involve removal of baby teeth with dental instruments so that permanent teeth can take their place. Children should try to make their baby teeth fall for easy growth of permanent teeth. If double teeth problem develops, dentist will make a cut and remove baby teeth. Then permanent teeth will be visible on front. A metal wire is fixed on to these permanent teeth for alignment.
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