What is iPLEDGE Program - Complete information about iPLEDGE program

Like some of the other mandatory programs in the United States, IPLEDGE program is a kind of distribution program that is primarily based upon the use of medication specifically during the pregnancy. The intentions of the IPLEDGE program is to make it sure that the medications should not be used during the pregnancy so as to prevent the birth defects. The use of isotretinoin in extremely harmful during the pregnancy period, the focus of IPLEDGE program is to make it sure that all the stakeholders should have all the related knowledge about the isotretinoin. All the doctors and the pharmacists are required to get registered onto the website designed by IPLEDGE program.

Why IPLEDGE program registration is designed?

The IPLEDGE program is comprehensively designed to provide a secure and safe method of isotretinoin usage. In particular Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy can actually highlight the risk that have the direct connection with the use of isotretinoin. The whole process involves series of steps, the steps are precisely designed by the experts, and there is an involvement of the doctor and the patient along with the pharmacist. As all the doctors that advise the patients to take isotretinoin must have to get registered through the IPLEDGE program, once the doctor is registered it is easier of the authorities to keep an eye onto the medical practitioners and their cases.

What is iPLEDGE Program - Complete information about iPLEDGE program

What is the point of having isotretinoin risk evaluation and mitigation strategy?

There is a clear view provided by the development of sotretinoin risk evaluation and mitigation strategy. Primarily there are some goals that are to be achieved. First of the patients are to be guided about the concept of isotretinoin. Moreover the dosage and the composition of the medicine are also important. As far as the use is concerned it is also core part of sotretinoin risk evaluation and mitigation strategy. There are some harmful effects of isotretinoin onto the pregnant females. It is obvious that the medicines are to be taken in controlled quantity; any fetal consumption of the isotretinoin can be very damaging for the health. The strategy is to highlight the safer use and methodologies.


Why isn’t IPLEDGE program developed earlier?

Very few people are aware of the fact that the concept of IPLEDGE program is quite old. The programs that were launched earlier failed to give the required results. One of the prime reasons is that the most of the females have already consumed enough isotretinoin that has caused the damage. Even after the registration of the earlier program there are thousands of the cases that were registered against the controlled use of isotretinoin. Keeping in view the new strategy was developed in order to guide the doctors and the patient’s right from the start. Now IPLEDGE program is successfully handling and monitoring the safer use of isotretinoin.

Why IPLEDGE program is criticized?

Some people are of the view that the procedure developed by the authorities in order to take the dosage is too complex. It takes lot of time to meet all the requirements of IPLEDGE program.  Moreover there are some serious questions raised by the people about the privacy of the IPLEDGE program.  Most of the females complained about the hectic and long procedures during and after the pregnancy. There are questions asked about the administrators of the IPLEDGE program. The website of the IPLEDGE program clearly mentions the privacy policy followed in every detail that is fetched from the patients during the whole procedure.

IPLEDGE registration & login procedure

Registration step:

For IPLEDGE Registration there is a two-step process adopted. The first step is the registration process. The prescribers can use any of the two options. One is through online from the official website or by calling 1-866-495-0654. The form is to be mailed after signing and reading the document. As soon as the details are received by the IPLEDGE program, the prescribers are enrolled into the program.

Receiving mail:

On the registration form, there are email addresses that are to be shared by the users. As soon as the registration process is complete the IPLEDGE directly sends a confirmation email to the address provided by the prescriber. The content of the email also provide the details like your IPLEDGE username and the password. IPLEDGE assigns a system-generated number to every application that is received.  There are other instructions given along with the login details. The program related material is also sent to the user so as to give a clear idea of the concept of the program.

Login procedure:

The login procedure is quite simple. As soon as the email is received by the prescriber, there are details shared. These details are extremely confidential. The activation details are given in the emails. Prescriber just needs to note down the login and the password. Prescribers can go to the official IPLEDGE link to use the email and password provided.  After activation, there is another mail send to the prescriber along with the patient’s kits.


There are some strict rules that are defined by the IPLEDGE authorities.  The idea behind designing the rules is to make it sure that the users are prevented from the birth defects and other pregnancy issues after the use of isotretinoin. The intention is to make it sure that there are checks and the balances against the fetal use of isotretinoin. The rule is that everyone regardless of the gender should enroll into the iPLEDGE program. All the doctors and the pharmacies must have to get registered with iPLEDGE program.
IPLEDGE Instructions for users and doctors

-Instructions for doctors:

If a doctor advises patient to take isotretinoin, it is to be ensured that the patient has all the related knowledge about the usage of the isotretinoin. The doctors then have to give patient ID number and ID card.

-Instructions for patients:

As soon after getting registered by the doctor, the patient receives an email from the IPLEDGE. There are 3 types in which the patients are classified. These are following
  • FCBPs
  • Females not of child-bearing potential (FnCBPs)/Males

Before starting medicines all patients have to go for pregnancy tests prescribed by doctors for the two consecutive months. After getting negative results in the tests, the FCBP are asked to take the online test through IPLEDGE. After this procedure, the patients are allowed to take the drugs from a registered pharmacy.


In order to get registered with the IPLEDGE program, there are some frequent questions that are asked by the potential users. The idea is to give the required details to the users. The questions that are frequently asked by the users are mostly connected with the technical assistance. Other than that there are questions asked about the registration processes used. Users often ask about the pharmacy rules and the registration process.  Questions that are frequently asked majorly cover the prescribed process. Minor details like the activation and the co-ordination are primarily focused on questions asked. The larger portion of frequently asked questions is related to the privacy policy followed by the IPLEDGE program.
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