Brushfield Spots Pictures, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Brushfield spots is a condition present in eyes. It is the coolest condition of eyes which makes it more attractive and colorful. These spots are arranged in a circular position like ring in the pupil of eye. As the name indicates the presence of spots in the outer brush field boundary of iris. The spots are of greyish or brown in color. Thomas brush field is the scientist who named this condition after his name. These spots occur due to the aggregation of connective tissues which is a normal element of iris. These spots occur in a syndrome named Down syndrome.

It is normal in children. About 35 to 78 percent of children have Brushfield spots with Down syndrome. These Brushfield spots are more common in children who are European descendent with Down syndrome and very rare in Asian descendants with Down syndrome. It is also common in light pigmented irises. Brushfield spots are the focal areas of stromal hyperplasia and surrounded by hypoplasia. It is not only present in patients with Down syndrome but also present in person without Down syndrome. These spots do not have effect on vision and normal functioning of iris and pupil.

Brushfield spots Pictures, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Brushfield spots Symptoms

Brushfield spots are not a pathological condition. It is a normal appearance of colored spots in the periphery of iris. The pupil of eye have colored spots mostly greyish, brownish or white in color. These spots are small crescent shaped markings. These spots impart an attractive appearance to the eye of patient. These spots occur as a result of aggregation of connective tissues which normally present in the pupil of eye. The eyes are almond shaped. Children with Down syndrome have these Brushfield spots and other symptoms associated with it like slow growth and short height children.

Brushfield spots Causes

The main cause reported behind Brushfield spots is Down syndrome. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder which is regarding to the retarded growth of children. It is not a pathological condition so the physiology behind appearance of greyish brown spots is the accumulation of connective element of pupil which are present normally in the eye. The pigmentation of eye may also occur due to zellweger syndrome. Other causes behind Brushfield syndrome are roifman syndrome, iris disorder, Yemenite deaf blind hypopigmentation syndrome, osteoporosis oculocutaneous hypopigmentation syndrome, familial progressive hypo and hyper pigmentation and last but not least gradenigo syndrome.

Brushfield spots Treatment

The treatment plan for external eye disorder like Brushfield spots is similar to that for non handicapped patients. In treating Brushfield spots, the medications of cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease should be avoided. Medical therapy of blepharitis is similar to the treatment therapy of Down syndrome to ultimately treat Brushfield syndrome. Some antibiotics and topical scrubs are included in medication therapy. Other precautions include wearing sun glasses when going out in order to avoid other generating diseases like esotropia, aphakia, pseudophakia and refractory errors which causes amblyopia. Starting care is important but with passage of time patient get used to it.
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