Heliophobia Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Test, Treatment

Heliophobia is a specific phobia towards light. Light means sunlight or any bright light. It is an irrational phobia towards sunlight and should not be mix with photophobia. People having heliophobia are also obsessed with anxiety disorder intriguer intense fear to sunlight or bright light. There may be various causative factors behind the origin of heliophobia. Some patients have a strange psyche of having skin cancer in response to direct contact with sunlight. There are many information awareness programs to educate patients about skin cancer and its main reasons behind it leading to increase fear in person.

Heliophobia Causes

Heliophobia causes vary according to the type of anxiety disorder. Scientists reveal that there may be three possibilities behind the origin of phobia i.e. classical conditioning, vicarious acquisition and instructional/informational acquisition. Sometimes some negative events in life intriguer this phobia. Sunburns may also lead to fear towards sunlight. The most common reason is informative seminars regarding skin disease and cancer and blindness. Obsessive compulsive disorder along with intensive fear towards sunlight can also cause heliophobia. It may be secondary to some medical conditions like keratoconus, migraine (which originates mostly from bright light) and polyphyria cutanea tarda (makes skin sensitive to bright light).

Heliophobia Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Test, Treatment

Heliophobia Symptoms

Heliophobia is a phobia (fear) to direct light i.e. sunlight or any bright light. So the symptoms totally depends upon severity and person suffering from it. Mild fear shows following symptoms:

  • Patient may feel uncomfortable, may have nauseatic feeling, be shaky, and sometimes numb.
  • Patients with severe heliophobia may have extreme panic attacks and feel anxious all the time. 
  • Increase in sensitivity i.e. heightened senses, patient may have lack of focus, trapped feeling, patient may experience tachycardia or irregular heartbeat, air hunger is common, rapid breathing, excess sweating and muscle cramps.

Heliophobia Test

Heliophobia is a phobia which can be self-tested or via checking behavioral changes of patient. There are some online tests available on internet which consist of a questionnaire regarding phobia. Patient have to fill it as he feel about going out in sunlight. There are also some behavioral observational test. Some tests can be performed at home via ADHD home test kit and concentration home testing. These are some home based test for children. Adults also have some home based test for heliophobia named adult ADHD home testing. All the above mentioned tests help in accurate diagnosis of heliophobia.

Heliophobia Treatment

As heliophobia is totally a psychological state so it need some talking therapy to recover. Sideways exposure therapy is also needed, some self-help techniques can help in recovering patient from heliophobia. Support groups therapy which involve some members who support patients courage help him to go through this phobia. Cognitive behavioral therapy is most commonly used therapy for heliophobia. Relaxation techniques are required to make patient relaxed by body and mind. Meditation is another way of treatment i.e. anxiety meditation is used to treat severe heliophobic patient. Along with all these therapies, patient response really matters a lot.
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