Hutchinson Teeth Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Hutchinson’s incisor, Hutchinson’s sign or Hutchinson-boeck teeth are other names of Hutchinson teeth. It is a main symptom of syphilis (congenital syphilis). Basically Hutchinson teeth appear as notches on the biting surfaces of teeth. Babies with syphilis have smaller and spaced teeth along with notches on them. Sir Johnathan Hutchinson described them and named it after his name. The distance between teeth is larger than usual. Hutchinson teeth can be congenital and may develop late in life. About 63 % of cases of syphilis are presented with Hutchinson teeth. In this disease, patient have to face problems in biting and chewing food properly.

Hutchinson teeth Pictures

Hutchinson teeth Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

Hutchinson teeth Symptoms

Hutchinson teeth itself is a symptom of congenital syphilis. The appearance of Hutchinson teeth is as follows:

Teeth are distant and have greater spaces than usual. Patient have incisor teeth along with notches on the biting surface of teeth. Basically appearance of notches shows the presence of syphilis in patient. Tooth are tapered from sides. The size of teeth is smaller than a normal teeth size. Incisors of upper jaw placed in center get more effected. These changing occuron permanent teeth rather than deciduous teeth which fall off after 7 years of age.

Hutchinson teeth Causes

Main cause reported behind Hutchinson teeth is congenital syphilis. Baby is born with this disease and take it from his parents. It is considered a main symptom of syphilis. There is not any specific etiology behind Hutchinson teeth but it appear secondary to many diseases like some dental diseases, oral and head diseases. Some of the main diseases leading to Hutchinson teeth are as follows:

  • Acrofacial dysostosis
  • Weyer’s type alves castelo dos Santos syndrome.
  • Ecroption
  • Clefting
  • Deafness onychodystrophy dominant form.
  • Ectodermal dysplasia
  • Gene Weidman syndrome
  • Hay wells syndrome
  • Incontinentia pigmenti.

Hutchinson teeth Diagnosis

There is not a proper test to diagnose Hutchinson teeth but its appearance shows its presence. Whenever parents observe problem in teeth of their children, they should consult a dentist. During examination of teeth, if he observe notches on the biting surface of teeth and distant teeth with smaller size then he will recommend for good and appropriate treatment. But along with checking symptoms of Hutchinson teeth disease, physician will also check for the presence of syphilis and if it exist as a root cause, then the physician will recommend to treat this root cause behind it.

Hutchinson teeth Treatment

As Hutchinson teeth is a symptom of congenital syphilis so syphilis should be treated 1st to treat Hutchinson teeth. Along with treatment plan of syphilis, patient should take good care of oral hygiene. He should use a proper tooth paste and hygienic brush and should clean his teeth two times a day. Braces are also used to decrease distance between Hutchinson teeth and sometimes tooth surgery is recommended to straighten teeth. Along with these treatment options patient is advised to take care of his teeth and do not lose hope as it takes time to get fully recover.
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