Microphilia Meaning, Definition, Psychology, Test, Treatment

Microphilia is a type of paraphilia. In this condition, person have sexual attraction towards small size or micro things or people. Microphilia is an opposite term of macrophilia (sexual attraction towards giant human beings). Microphilia is basically a microphiles thinking in which person assume others shrinking in front of him. Research reported that mostly women are fantasized in microphilia shrinking in small size. Person suffering from this type of paraphilia, is identify as microphiles. Microphiles just fantasize about shrinking of his sex partner and he himself remain unchanged.

A writer resemble microphilia with masochism which is an opposite term of sadism. Microphilia is the most abundantly occurring paraphilia in last few decades. And the main reason behind spreading of microphilia is adult internet surfing and getting attracted towards paraphilia. Internet is spreading this thing all over the world and leading youth towards sexual gratification. The term microphilia is not used in the world of microphiles instead they use term S.W (shrinking women) preferably. There is also a microphiles community consisting of women using term shrinking men and sadomasochism. Microphilia is not publically common type of paraphilia. Some people consider it as a type of fetish sex, dominating sex or bondage sex.

Microphilia Meaning, Definition, Psychology, Test, Treatment

Microphilia Psychology

Microphilia is a type of paraphilia in which person get sexually attracted towards micro sized people. People get this idea or habit from movies like Thumbelina and from internet sites full of microphilia fetish sex. Person with microphilia fantasize about his partner to shrink and become small in size and person feel happy to get sexually engaged with his small sized partner. Person feel relaxed while having sexual activity with minion partner. Minion is an animated character having small height. Most of the people like this character and follow it and also demand a minion partner to fulfil their sexual desire.

Microphilia Test

Microphilia is a visible activity which can be observed at an early stage. Home testing or self-testing helps in diagnosing this type of paraphilia. Parents can observe their child in home based activities. Parents can observe their child in selecting their toys and clothes and their attraction towards small things. If an adult is suffering from microphilia, he can test himself by answering some specific questions available online in the form of a questionnaire. If he is able to answer these questions, then he is under microphilia state and should get a treatment therapy.

Microphilia Treatment

Microphilia is a type of psychology related disorder. It is in their head in the form of a desire or need. There is no such medications for this disorder but there are some therapies like physical and mental therapies which will rehabilitate the patient. Physical therapy consist of some exercises and being healthy. And mental therapies consist of some counseling sessions in which patient is asked some questions about routine life and about their sexual desire and their answers show their progress. These two therapies should be continued side by side to get better and early results.
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