Severe Left & Right Lateral Recess Stenosis Treatment

As the name indicates, stenosis means narrowing of the tubular pathways. Recess stenosis is the narrowing of lateral part of spinal cord. We can also call it spinal stenosis. In lateral recess stenosis, the foramen of spinal cord which is known as exit doorway of spinal canal narrows and the available space is decreased. This narrowing may occur due to the following reasons. Due to over growth of the facet joints along with bulging of discs. Discs lose their height and tension which leads to sloppy movement of one vertebrae on another.

Severe Lateral Recess Stenosis Treatment

Treatment of recess stenosis depends upon the severity of symptoms and cause behind it. Medications are always preferred for the treatment but if medications are of no use, then surgical treatment is preferred. Usually some medications are used to relief the symptoms like pain. So pain relievers are used like over the counter analgesics and NSAIDS.  Anti inflammatory drugs are also used. Some anti convulsants and anti depressants are prescribed for recess stenosis. Corticosteroids and anesthetics are also prescribed in the form of injections. Some pain killers are used which are prescribed by doctor like opioids.

Severe Left & Right Lateral Recess Stenosis Treatment

Severe Left Lateral Recess Stenosis

When recess stenosis occurs at extreme level i.e. narrowing of tubular vessels occur beyond limit the space at drainage system of spinal cord is disturbed. Many functions of body are disturbed due to recess stenosis. There are two major sites i.e. left sided recess stenosis and right sided recess stenosis. When the narrowing of tubular vessels of foramen occurs on the left side of the spinal cord, then functions of the same side of body is disturbed or affected. The problem in body parts is depend upon the region involved in recess stenosis.

Severe Right Lateral Recess Stenosis

The narrowing in the tubular vessels of the foramen occurs due to many reasons. Of the joint is swelled on the right side if the running spinal cord, then symptoms may appear on the same side of body. The opposite side of recess stenosis is not affected. The pain may radiate through right sided shoulder to the arm and hand and in the lower limb i.e. right sided hip, knee and then foot. The symptoms on either side of body helps a lot in diagnosing the site of occurrence of recess stenosis in spinal cord.

Cervical Lateral Recess Stenosis

Lateral cervical recess stenosis is not much different from lateral recess stenosis. As cervical part is involved in cervical lateral recess stenosis. Cervical lateral recess stenosis may occur due to the encroachment of the lateral recess. It may also occur due to neuroforamina of the specific cervical region. Neuroforamina primarily may occur due to the uncovertebral joints. As hypertrophy of uncovertebral joints is responsible for this. Annulus bulging of the lateral discs. Hypertrophy of the facet is another reason. As cervical part of spinal cord is mainly involved in recess stenosis, so it may vary 12 to 14 mm in diameter from thoracic spinal canal.
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