Clitoromegaly Images & Ultrasound Interpretation

This large size clitoris is an expansion of the clitoris that occurs because of hormonal imbalance in the body of a female. This hormonal imbalance may occur at any stage like fetal development, at puberty, or even in late ages. If this condition exists in a newborn girl, then it indicates that there were additional androgens hormones that are being produced in fetal development.

Recently, it was disclosed that an imbalance of the endocrine hormone affects the health of adult women. This condition further indicates the development of hyperthecosis and PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Tumors and cysts in the ovarian region may also the cause of the clitoromegaly.
Most of the females that are involved in bodybuilding and athletic activities use high doses of androgens for muscular growth and muscle strength. Misuse and unnecessary intake of androgens is the biggest cause of Clitoromegaly in athletes. Masturbation is also the main leading cause of clitoris enlargement in young girls. It has been reported those young girls that involved in masturbation mostly have an increase in the size of labia minora and prepuce.

In images, clitoromegaly is prenatal sonographic finding, which shows enlarge clitoris in the womb. Clitoris is known to be prominent in the newborn. Studies show that the clitoris length should be less than 5 mm when it appeared to be covered by the labia majora. Clitoromegaly is clearly diagnosed when clitoris length is more than 1cm even if it is covered by labia majora. Newer studies showed that if the clitoris length is more than 8mm, then it should be carefully monitored, and if the clitoris length is more than 10mm, then we considered it as a pathological condition.

Clitoromegaly Images & Ultrasound Interpetation

Clitoromegaly Images & Ultrasound Interpetation
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