Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome Symptoms

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, as the name indicates, is the increased and severe vomiting due to excessive use of cannabis. The main symptom of cannabinoids hyperemesis syndrome is repeated bouts of vomiting. In between 2 episodes of excessive or severe vomiting, there is a phase when the patient experience no symptoms. This is called as an asymptomatic phase. Physicians and other health care providers categorized cannabinoids hyperemesis syndrome into three main stages. These stages are the phases i.e., the prodromal phase, the hyperemetic phase, and the recovery phase. The symptoms are specified according to these main 3 phases.

1st of all prodromal phase, in this phase, patients experience nausea and abdominal pain early morning almost every day. Sometimes the patient feels like immediate vomiting. Due to these symptoms, the patient usually takes care of his meal and changes his eating pattern. Some of the patients start using marijuana, as they think marijuana will help them in getting rid of these symptoms, especially nausea. The prodromal phase may last long from months to years.

The very next phase of cannabinoids hyperemesis syndrome is the hyperemetic phase. The main symptoms of this phase include abdominal pain, repeated vomiting episodes, dehydration symptoms, continuous nausea, less food intake, which leads to weight loss.

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome Symptoms

In this phase, vomiting does not stop and become worse. Vomiting is overwhelming and intense. People used to take a lot of hot showers during the day as they think taking a bath will help them get rid of the nauseatic feeling. The physiology behind this is the hot water bath of the hypothalamus part of the brain as the hypothalamus is the part of the brain which is responsible for controlling vomiting and thermoregulation. In this phase, the patient usually takes medical care instead of home remedies.

Hyperemetic phase of cannabinoids hyperemesis syndrome may last long until the patient stops taking marijuana completely. Once patients stop taking marijuana, the recovery phase starts right after that. In the recovery phase, the symptoms of cannabinoids hyperemesis syndrome start fading away. The patient feels good and no more nausea. The eating routine is back again—no more weight loss. The recovery phase may last from days to months. The time of recovery phase depends on the complete removal of marijuana from the life of the patient.

All these symptoms of cannabinoids hyperemesis syndrome may come back if the patient starts taking cannabis or marijuana again. These drugs are not good for health. In most of the countries, marijuana and hashish are banned. As it's overuse can lead to death. If vomiting does not stop, it may lead to the death of a patient.

These symptoms may become severe if the patient does not seek medical attention immediately. Different medications are prescribed to treat vomiting temporarily as these medications are of no use until or unless the patient stop taking marijuana or cannabis completely.
These phases of cannabinoids hyperemesis syndrome have made it easy to understand the symptoms of cannabinoids hyperemesis syndrome. It has also helped to understand the treatment plan accordingly to the phase of this syndrome. Sometimes its symptoms are mixed with the symptoms of many other diseases, so diagnosis is necessary.
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