Panniculectomy - Cost, Side effects, Risk, Recovery, Reviews, Complications

Read about Panniculectomy - Cost, Side effects, Risk, Recovery, Reviews, Complications

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What is Panniculectomy

Panniculectomy is a surgical procedure in which excessive deposition of fat is surgically removed from pannus. This excess of fat is made of adipose tissue as a extra fat depot. Though it does not give any harm to individual on its own but it contributes a major role in central obesity or abdominal obesity and makes circulation difficult towards genital areas.   

Panniculectomy Definition

Panniculectomy can be defined as surgical removal of excessive vascular fibrous tissue(adipose tissue) from the surface of lower abdomen. This excessive vascular fibrous tissue is termed as pannus and its surgical removal is known as panniculectomy.

Panniculectomy Surgery Procedure

Panniculectomy is categorized as major surgery that requires full protocols of major surgery. In this kind of surgery plastic surgeon made two fine medium size incisions. One incision is made in lower area of sternum to the pelvic area (pubic bone).

Other incision is made across the pubic area. Excessive fat is removed safely and securely to avoid any damage to closer areas like abdominal wall and intestines. One of the most serious consequence of this surgery is post-operative internal bleeding due to damage of internal tissues. This undesirable event can be avoided by making fine surgery with full of experience.

Panniculectomy Benefits

It is obvious panniculectomy has multiple benefits. These benefits include low risk of central obesity or abdominal obesity and its related complications, body reshaping, improved figure appearance, proper circulation to lower abdominal region etc.

Panniculectomy Side effects

Apart from its benefits panniculectomy has some serious kind of side effects that might be life threatening in case of delayed surgical intervention. Major side effects include post-operative internal bleeding, severe abdominal infection, rupturing of abdominal wall during surgery etc.

Moderate to minor side effects include delayed wound healing, post-operative pain, permanent scars on the site of incision, difficulty in body stretching in early days of surgery.

Panniculectomy Risks

Panniculectomy Post-operative risk factors should be take into consideration before surgery. These risk factors include

  1. Internal hemorrhage
  2. Abdominal wall rupture
  3. Wrong incision
  4. Severe abdominal infection
  5. Severe pain sensation
  6. Tissue scarring

Panniculectomy Cost

Panniculectomy cost variates from surgeon to surgeon and location to location. However, average estimated cost of this surgery is ranges from 800$ to 1500$. This is total estimated cost that may include surgeon fees, operation theater charges, anesthesia charges, general medicines charges, pre and post operative charges etc.

Panniculectomy Recovery

Post operative recovery after panniculectomy depends upon physical condition of individual, size of the incision made, fine surgery with minimum blood loss and tissue injury.Generally, recovery time period ranges between 1-2 months if no other complication occurs.

Panniculectomy vs tummy tuck

From surgery point of view, both are major surgeries with difference of area and size. Panniculectomy is just removal of overhanging skin (adipose tissues) in lower abdominal area while tummy tuck is not confined to small area it involves the removal extra skin and tightens both upper and lower abdomen.

These muscles are stretched to makes their position anatomically fit and belly button is reshaped. Clinically, tummy tuck requires extensive surgery as compared to panniculectomy.

Panniculectomy vs abdominoplasty

Tummy tuck is also termed as abdominoplasty because both upper and lower abdomen are involved in this surgery while in panniculectomy only pannus (overhanging fat in lower abdomen) is removed.

Panniculectomy Pictures

Panniculectomy - Cost, Side effects, Risk, Recovery, Reviews, Complications

Panniculectomy - Cost, Side effects, Risk, Recovery, Reviews, Complications

Panniculectomy Complications

Panniculectomy complications can be easily avoided via fine surgery by following all necessary protocols of
bariatric surgery. However, some common post-operative complications that have been reported are

  1. Internal hemorrhage
  2. Rupture of lower abdominal wall
  3. Intense pain due to damage of internal structures
  4. Delayed healing
  5. Severe abdominal infection

Panniculectomy Before and After

Panniculectomy provides dual benefits to individual for example it minimizes the chances of central obesity and its related complications and improves over all appearance of body and figure. So, most of the people look out of figure and obese before panniculectomy that's why many bariatric surgeons suggest them panniculectomy and tummy tuck at the same time.

Panniculectomy Reviews

As a matter of choice different people have different views about panniculectomy. However, about 80-90% individuals who had undergone this procedure are somehow convinced that panniculectomy is better choice when are aim to reduce your weight, decrease obesity and improve you overall body appearance. Here are some exceptions, few people suggested that both panniculectomy and tummy tuck should be performed at the same time to get maximum results.

Is panniculectomy covered by insurance?

Almost all kind of bariatric surgeries do not include in common insurance plan unless and until you have some kind of medical disorder that requires this kind of surgery necessarily and your health care provider suggest you such surgery. Otherwise, these kind of surgeries come under the umbrella of cosmetic surgery that are not included in common insurance plan.

Panniculectomy other names

Panniculectomy also pronounced as paniculectomy, peniculectomy, pannulectomy, panulectomy etc.
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