What is Cobblestoning of Posterior Pharynx?

The back of the throat also referred to as the pharynx can become inflamed with pharyngitis or acute pharyngitis. This condition is also frequently referred to as cobblestone throat or cobblestone pharynx.

The term "cobblestone throat" refers to a "lumpy" or rough surface located at the back side of the throat. When a doctor looks at the back of the throat during a clinical exam, he might find a cobblestone throat. This condition is mostly linked to pharyngitis, which is an infection of this area. It can cause swelling of the lymphatic tissues deep in this location, resulting in the rough appearance of this surface.

When many people observe the elevated tissue, they immediately fear that the bumps may be malignant growth. This causes them to panic. However, they are not usually dangerous. The fluid-filled tissue that appears like "cobblestones" in the mirror is actually a temporary reaction to an infection, an allergen, or other irritants.

What is Cobblestoning of Posterior Pharynx?

Cobblestone throat is usually caused by an infection or irritation, but a strong immune system may quickly and effectively eliminate both. 

Once the reason is addressed, the bumps disappear.

1. Any active infection in the body

Viral infection is a prevalent cause of cobblestone throat. Most viral illnesses can be effectively treated with rest and a lot of water intake. Drugs are rarely necessary. But if the symptom lasts more than 2-3 days, even with rest and water, you should see your doctor for a checkup to make sure there are not any signs of serious viruses like Ebstein Barr and/or other things like a fungal infection. 

2. Hypersensitivity of any substance

Do you frequently experience post-nasal drip or the feeling that mucus is dripping backward down your throat after you wake up in the morning with a stuffy or obstructed nose? Or perhaps you only experience these symptoms after being exposed to specific triggers like dust or chilly air? This could indicate that you have allergic rhinitis, which is another reason for the "cobblestoning" of the throat. In this case, the underlying cause of the inflammation and swelling of tissue in the back of your throat is an allergic reaction. Your doctor may recommend a specific medication for this, such as antihistamine pills or nasal sprays.

3. Environmental Irritants

Inflammation and cobblestone throat can also be caused by prolonged or severe exposure to airborne irritants. Some of these irritants include smoking, vaping, and/or air pollution.

4. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Do you ever feel like sour fluid from your stomach is coming back up into your mouth or like your throat or stomach is on fire? These may be symptoms of gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), which can also be a source of soreness and inflammation in the throat. 

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