Shoulder Dimples Meaning, Signs, Causes, Treatment

When you hear the word "dimple," your imagination generally goes straight to the indentation found on people's cheeks or lower backs. However, there are a variety of additional forms of dimples. Shoulder dimples are another type of indentation that can be observed on the shoulder blades; however, they are far less prevalent. Most new mothers discover shoulder dimples as a result of their frequent examination of their infants and view them as cause for concern.

So parents take their children to pediatric neurosurgeons to get the "deformity" fixed. Despite the fact that dimpling on the shoulders is harmless, there is cause for concern if there is an ache along the shoulders or if mobility is restricted. However, unlike cleft chins, which may be a serious malformation in a very tiny percentage of neonates, shoulder blade dimples are typically painless and benign.

Shoulder Dimples Meaning

Dimples are little indentations on your skin that can be seen. They can appear on many parts of the body, such as the lower back, cheeks, and shoulders.  Shoulder dimples are uncommon and, in most instances, a solitary occurrence. Skeletal dysplasias and malformations, such as the 18q deletion syndrome, have been linked to the development of bi-acromial dimples. The pathologic mechanism that leads to bi-acromial dimples is not completely understood.

Shoulder Dimples Meaning, Signs, Causes, Treatment

Shoulder Dimples Signs

Shoulder dimples are characterized by an asymmetrical look between the two sides of the body, the presence of a conspicuous groove encompassing the lower neck area and upper back, and, in rare cases, the presence of an accompanying webbing between the shoulder blades. Shoulder dimples are often innocuous, however, it is recommended to seek medical attention if they continue for more than three months without symptoms.

Shoulder Dimples Causes

Those who have witnessed these uncommon indentations often ask what causes shoulder dimples. It is stated that the benign autosomal acromial dimples, a seldom seen autosomal dominant syndrome, most probably reflect the cause of the shoulder dimples. Other factors that can lead to the development of dimples include some congenital malformation syndromes, as well as viral, metabolic, and traumatic etiologies. Therefore, the reason for the shoulder dimples is either genetic, an infectious disease, or a problem caused by trauma. 

In most instances, these dimples are a standalone finding and are observed infrequently. However, skeletal dysplasias and syndromes characterized by malformations like 18q deletion syndrome have both been linked to bi-acromial dimples.

Shoulder Dimples Treatment

Shoulder dimples are not normally considered to be a medical condition that requires treatment; however, there are procedures that may be done to modify the appearance of these dimples if the patient so desires. These treatments can include surgically tightening weaker chest muscles in addition to injecting substances such as collagen and fat to fill in depressions produced by the condition. These depressions can be caused by the condition. Although there are various treatment options, not all of them lead to the best outcomes. For this reason, it is crucial for each interested patient to speak with a healthcare provider to determine which treatment option may be the most appropriate for him and his particular circumstances.

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