What is lateral canthoplasty? - Procedure, Recovery, Cost, CPT Code, Cost

Larger, more vibrant eyes can significantly improve the appearance of the entire face. This appearance can be obtained by the cosmetic surgery process known as a lateral canthoplasty. Lateral canthoplasty can be used to make the eyes appear larger by reducing the height of the outer corner of the eye and extending the lateral canthal tilt. A skillful surgeon is required to make sure that there is no overcorrection and that the patient does not ultimately end up with an unpleasant or defiant upper-face appearance.

Lateral canthoplasty is the appropriate therapy for certain patients, who may have eyes with a very beautiful crease, but might lack an attractive facial look due to the unpleasant lateral tilt. The technique is frequently carried out in conjunction with double eyelid surgery. To execute this surgery, the surgeon may combine local anesthetic with oral sedation. The process can be finished in about an hour.

What is lateral canthoplasty?

A lateral canthoplasty is a surgical technique used to treat an anomaly or deformity in the canthus, or lateral corner, of the eye. In order to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the eye, this procedure includes altering the lateral canthus, which is the corner of the eye next to the temple. A lateral canthoplasty may be done for cosmetic reasons or to repair functional problems such as a droopy eyelid or ectropion.


One of the most important steps in lateral canthoplasty is remodelling orbital surgery. With this method, the surgeon removes the eye's entire lateral surface and then reconstructs it to the preferred width. Usually, this operation is done in conjunction with altering the lateral tilt of the eyes. The surgeon just needs to separate the eye's outer layer and reattach it at the correct height in relation to the eye's inner corner.

What is lateral canthoplasty? - Procedure, Recovery, Cost, CPT Code, Cost

The lateral tilt is another crucial component of lateral canthoplasty. Making a genuine facial appearance and specifying the patient's gender depends on it heavily. If the lateral tilt is high, it may give the image of anger, but a lateral tilt that is slightly shallower will help generate an appearance that is smoother and chummier. If there is no tilt or the side view is flat, it looks like a male.

A minor difference in height between the outer and inner corners of the eye creates the impression that the person is fatigued and inattentive. For all such cases, lateral canthoplasty is the appropriate treatment. Additionally, the treatment is utilized to enhance the proportion between the color and white aspects of the eyes.

An attractive eye has a nice contrast between the colored iris and the whites of the eye. Eyes may appear shuttered and unwelcoming if the inner whites are more perceptible than the outer whites. With lateral canthoplasty, this asymmetry can be balanced.


The length of the lateral canthoplasty recovery period varies from patient to patient, however, most patients can anticipate a reasonably simple recovery process. Usually 2 to 7 days following the surgery, the surgeon will remove the sutures. Patients may be able to resume their normal activities within a few days after the treatment, but they should anticipate taking two to four weeks off work for rehabilitation.


The average cost of canthoplasty is $5,825, however, it can cost anywhere between $2,000 and $11,000. The total price includes the fees for the anesthesiologist and the facility where the procedure will take place as well as the fee for the board-certified plastic surgeon. 

Lateral Canthoplasty ICD-10 Code & CPT Code

Lateral canthoplasty is identified by the ICD-10 code H02.431. This surgery uses an external method to restore the right upper eyelid (08QNXZZ). Both entropion and ectropion can be treated with this method (CPT codes 67917 and 67918, respectively). This surgery may also include coverage for adjacent tissue transfers or grafts involving the eyelids.

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