Shoulder Pain ICD-10 | Right, Left & Unspecified

Shoulder pain is a discomfort or pain in the shoulder area that can be brought on by a variety of problems, including injury, stress, rotator cuff tendinitis, bursitis, tendinopathy, instability, joint problems, or fracture. Rotator cuff tendinitis is the most prevalent cause of shoulder pain, which arises when the rotator cuff tendons become swollen or locked in the shoulder. Shoulder discomfort is characterized by stiffness, weakness, inflammation, and trouble moving the arm. Shoulder pain can be treated in a variety of ways, depending on the underlying reason, including rest, ice packs, physical therapy, or even surgery.

Diagnostic Procedures

To determine the underlying source of the pain, specific tests may be used as part of the diagnostic process for shoulder discomfort. Imaging studies may consist of radiographs, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), arthrogram, electromyography, ultrasound, or arthroscopy. Physical examinations may also be performed by your doctor, such as examining your neck, axilla, and chest wall, assessing the cervical spine range of motion, and inspecting your shoulders for any deformity or inflammation. It is important to rule out all possible causes of shoulder pain before deciding on a diagnostic method. It is advised to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and course of action.

Shoulder Pain ICD-10  Right, Left & Unspecified

Shoulder Pain ICD-10

Shoulder pain is specified by the M25.51 ICD-10 code. This code is used to categorize shoulder discomfort under the category of arthropathies. In addition, there is a separate code for discomfort in the left shoulder (M25.511) and the right shoulder (M25.511) (M25.512). The matching ICD-10 code for nonspecific shoulder discomfort is M25.519.

Right Shoulder Pain ICD-10

Pain in the right shoulder is classified as ICD-10 code M25.511. This code is used to describe right shoulder discomfort within the spectrum of arthropathies. In the event of a traumatic rotator cuff injury, the relevant ICD-10 codes for the right shoulder are S46.011A and the left shoulder is S46.012A.

Left Shoulder Pain ICD-10

Left shoulder pain is indicated by the ICD-10 code M25.512. This code is used to categorize pain in the left shoulder as arthropathy.

Shoulder Pain ICD-10 Unspecified

Unspecified shoulder pain has the ICD-10 code M25.519. Under the category of arthropathies, this code is used to categorize shoulder discomfort that is not specifically classified as right or left.

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