Alexis Retractor Sizes, C-Section, Instructions, Cost

The Alexis Retractor is a surgical tool offering retraction and wound protection during abdominal, pelvic, and sometimes head & neck surgeries. It comes in two main types: the original Alexis and the Alexis O for C-sections. Both are disposable and feature a flexible sheath and stabilizing rings.

Alexis Retractor Sizes

The Alexis wound protector-retractors come in various sizes to accommodate different incision ranges and patient needs. Here are the sizes available based on the search results:

  • XX-Small: Sheath Length 20cm, Incision Range 1-3cm
  • X-Small: Sheath Length 19cm, Incision Range 2-4cm
  • Small: Sheath Length 18cm, Incision Range 2.5-6cm
  • Medium: Sheath Length 18cm, Incision Range 5-9cm
  • Large: Sheath Length 25cm, Incision Range 9-14cm
  • X-Large: Sheath Length 34cm, Incision Range 11-17cm
  • XX-Large: Sheath Length 36cm, Incision Range 17-25cm

These retractors provide atraumatic retraction and maintain moisture at the incision site, reducing surgical site infections following various procedures.

Alexis Retractor Sizes, C-Section, Instructions, Cost

Alexis Retractor C-Section

The Alexis O C-Section Retractor represents a specialized application of the Alexis wound retractor family, specifically designed for Caesarean sections (C-sections). This single-use, disposable device features a flexible polymer membrane formed into a cylindrical shape for

 optimal functionality.

Alexis Retractor Instructions

While the Alexis Retractor is a valuable surgical tool, its use is restricted to trained medical professionals. Alexis retractor instructions include:

Preparation: Surgical site is sterilized, and the appropriate retractor is chosen.

Insertion: The inner ring is carefully inserted and checked for tissue entrapment.

Positioning: Outer ring is adjusted to achieve the desired exposure.

Surgery: The procedure is performed through the exposed and protected field.

Removal: The inner ring is safely removed after surgery.

Alexis Retractor Cost

The Alexis® Retractor's cost varies depending on model, vendor, and quantity. Expect a range of USD $30-$150 per unit. Remember, this is a medical device for trained professionals only.

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