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What is Vivaer Procedure?

The Vivaer procedure is a non-surgical treatment designed to alleviate nasal obstruction and improve nasal breathing. It involves using a handheld device that delivers radiofrequency energy to targeted areas inside the nose.

Vivaer Procedure Side effects

The Vivaer procedure is generally considered safe, but like any medical procedure, it can have potential side effects and risks. Here are some possible side effects associated with the Vivaer procedure:

  1. Discomfort or Pain: Some patients may experience mild discomfort or pain during or after the procedure. This is usually temporary and can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers.
  2. Nasal Bleeding: There may be minor nasal bleeding immediately after the procedure. This is typically mild and resolves on its own.
  3. Swelling: Swelling of the nasal tissues is common after the procedure. This may cause temporary congestion or a feeling of stuffiness in the nose.
  4. Nasal Dryness: Some patients may experience dryness or crustiness inside the nose following the procedure. This can usually be relieved with saline nasal sprays or ointments recommended by your doctor.
  5. Infection: Although rare, there is a small risk of infection at the treatment site. It's important to follow post-procedure care instructions provided by your healthcare provider to minimize this risk.

Vivaer Procedure Before and After

Before the Vivaer Procedure:

  • Nasal Obstruction: Photos might show signs of nasal congestion, difficulty breathing through the nose, or visible enlargement of nasal turbinates.
  • Septal Deviation: If present, a crooked or deviated septum may be noticeable, contributing to nasal blockage.

After the Vivaer Procedure:

  • Improved Nasal Passage: Pictures often demonstrate a clearer nasal airway with reduced obstruction.
  • Reduced Turbinate Size: Enlarged nasal turbinates may appear smaller, enhancing airflow.
  • Overall Symmetry: If addressing septal deviation, the nasal passage may appear straighter and more aligned.
Vivaer Procedure Side effects, Before and After, Reviews, Cost  vivaer vs septoplasty

Vivaer Procedure Reviews

The Vivaer procedure is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment for nasal obstruction and breathing difficulties. Here are key points and reviews:

Procedure Overview
  • Preparation: Local anesthesia, 15-20 minutes, and post-treatment care.
  • Recovery: Mild discomfort, congestion, and bruising; resume activities within a day or two.
Reviews and Experiences
  • Swelling: Manageable with cold compresses.
  • Pain and Discomfort: Mild, managed with numbing agents and post-treatment care.
  • Breathing Improvement: Significant relief and improved breathing after the procedure.
Additional Tips
  • Pre-procedure Instructions: Follow nasal flushing and prescribed rinses.
  • Post-procedure Care: Use topical ointments and nasal saline washes.

Overall, the Vivaer procedure is a safe and effective treatment for nasal breathing issues, with manageable side effects and significant improvement in breathing.

Vivaer Procedure Cost

  • Average Cost: $2,500 - $3,500
  • Out-of-Pocket Costs: Can range from several hundred to $1,000, as the procedure is not always covered by insurance
  • Insurance and Financing: Some private insurance plans may cover the Vivaer procedure, and flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) may be eligible for reimbursement.

Vivaer vs septoplasty

Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct a deviated septum, improving nasal airflow. Vivaer is a non-surgical procedure that uses radiofrequency to treat nasal valve collapse, also enhancing nasal breathing. The choice depends on the specific nasal issue—septoplasty for septum deviation, Vivaer for nasal valve collapse.

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