Nose piercing - Jewelry, Healing, pain, Cost, Aftercare

Nose piercing is a type of body piercing which is performed on any part of nose. The main two types of nose piercing which are considered most common i.e. septum piercing and nostril piercing. Nostril piercing is common in East Pakistan including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal and in south Asia. Septum is common in west. Nose piercing is considered 2nd most common piercing after ear lobe piercing. Nose piercing is an ancient art and belongs to Indian culture and fashion. Nose piercing is mostly seen in women but now a days men are also having nose piercing.

Nose piercing - Jewelry, Healing, pain, Cost, Aftercare

Nose Piercing Jewelry

Nose piercing is common from ancient times and so its jewelry. There is a wide variety of jewelry regarding nose piercing. It mainly include variety of nostril rings i.e. the loop, stud along with a L-bar closure or a ball closure. Stud with flat backing is also available. Circular barbells are common as septum piercing jewelry. Circular barbells are also known as horse shoe because of its specific shape. Captive bead rings also resemble circular barbells but they have beads on both ends. Clickers and septum piercing retainers are used but rarely and according to person desire.

Nose Piercing Pain Level and Scale

Nose piercing involve nostril piercing and septum piercing and these both types have different pain level. When we talk about nostril piercing, its pain level is less as compare to septum piercing. Nostril piercing is rated 1 or 2 on pain scale because it’s just like a pain breeze which disappear after a couple of seconds. But septum piercing pain persist for about 2 to 3 days. Septum piercing is rated 5 or 6 on pain scale. It is also true that pain level varies from person to person and everyone rate it according to his experience.

Nose Piercing Healing Stages and Time

Nose piercing according to its types have different healing time. Healing time is effected by various factors like skin immunity, infection and type of nose piercing. Nostril piercing will take about 4 to 6 months to heal completely and person will be lucky if it get completely heal in 3 months. It will possible only if there is no infection. Septum piercing will take about 6 to 8 weeks for healing. Septum piercing is considered fastest healing piercing. Rhino piercing will take more time to heal i.e. 6 to 9 months.

Nose Piercing Cost

Nose piercing cost varies according to type of nose piercing. Cost also varies according to area and parlor status. Elite class parlor will cost high as compare to a standard one. Different countries will charge differently. Average cost of septum piercing is 30 $ in USA but it varies from 15 $to 40 $. Nostril piercing cost usually about 30 $ to 80 $. Jewelry cost is also involved in total cost and cost of jewelry varies according to its type i.e. nose stud or ring will cost around 10 $ to 50 $.

Nose Piercing Aftercare

Nose piercing is a sensitive process and require additional special care. Here are some after care instructions which should be followed regularly;

  • Piercing should be washed daily with a mild soap or cleanser.
  • Try to soak piercing in salt water (sea salt added in water)
  • A clean towel or tissue paper is required to tap dry piercing after every wash.
  • Person should avoid taking off nose piercing jewelry in 1st week.
  • Cream or ointment should be applied if recommended by piercer.
  • Routine care is required for about 1 week regularly and then should clean every 4th day.

Double Nose Piercing

Single Nose piercing is common but double nose piercing is also in trend now a days. Nostril piercing can be done on both sides i.e. left and right. 2nd piercing is only recommended after complete healing of 1st piercing. Person with weak immunity and skin disease should avoid double nose piercing. There should be an average difference of 1 year between both piercing. Double piercing is preferred because person can wear different jewelry in both piercing. Like double nostril piercing there is also double septum piercing. Mostly people wear nose ring in 1st piercing and stud in 2nd piercing.

Nose Bridge Piercing

This type of nose piercing is done on Nose Bridge i.e. between two eyes. There is a variation on Nose Bridge piercing i.e. vertical bridge piercing. It is a surface piercing with potential complications and risks. Risk involve rejection and scarring and usual complications are related to eyes like involuntary eye crossing and infections spreading to brain via sinuses. Migraine and headache is also reported in some cases. Straight barbells are used in nose bridge piercing. Curved barbells and surface bars are used initially. After complete healing of piercing, captive bead rings can be wear.

Fake Nose Piercing

People who are fond of nose piercing and afraid of pain it cause prefer fake nose piercing. People wear fake nose piercing jewelry to show off. Fake nose piercing jewelry is easily available. Nostril piercing fake jewelry include stones and studs and rings with clip. These stud and stones are fixed with glue. Septum nose piercing fake jewelry is also available. People use rings with clips as fake piercing jewelry. There is less variety available in nose bridge piercing. People wear fake piercing jewelry to cope with fashion trend.

Nose Piercing In Men and Women

Nose piercing is an ancient art which still persist in society as fashion trend. Nostril piercing is common in women but other types of piercing i.e. septum piercing and nose bridge piercing is seen in both men and women. Men like women are also interested in septum and nose bridge piercing. They get the idea from celebrities and famous actresses. Nostril piercing is only seen in women especially in east India and East Pakistan because it is included in Indian and Pakistani culture. Well septum piercing and nose bridge piercing are in western culture.

Nose Piercing Scar

Nose piercing leave scar sometimes. Scarring is most common in nose bridge piercing and least common in nostril piercing. People are worried about scarring and it may be the reason behind use of fake nose piercing jewelry. Scaring may occur due to an infection or any other injury. When healing process of piercing become slow due to any infection or skin problem it will slowly turn in to a scar. Scar may take time to disappear completely but sometimes scarring do not fade away and become a problem. People areusing liquid foundation and concealer to hide scar as the only option.

Nose Piercing Retainer

Nose piercing retainers are the type of jewelry which is used for hiding purpose. Nose piercing retainers are inexpensive and are made up of clear durable Lucite or acrylic. They are small in size and are designed with purpose to hide nose piercing. These nose retainers cannot make piercing invisible completely. Nose piercing retainers are of dual functioning i.e. it makes nose piercing invisible enough that no one can see it in 1st look and do not allow piercing to close during healing process. Nose piercing retainers are in use now a days with no. of advantages and no disadvantages.
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