Industrial Piercing - Jewelry, Pain, Healing, Cost, Aftercare

Industrial piercing is a famous type of body piercing. Industrial piercing is known by different names in different areas like in North America it is named as industrial piercing, in UK/ Ireland it is famous as bar piercing. Scaffold piercing and construction piercing are the other two well-known names of industrial piercing. It is called industrial piercing because it connects two piercing holes together with the help of a rod shaped jewelry or we can say that it is double perforation of ear. Upper ear cartilage is the location for industrial piercing. Suicide piercing is used for vertical industrial piercing.

Industrial Piercing - Jewelry, Pain, Healing, Cost, Aftercare

Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Industrial piercing jewelry is designed to connect two perforation in upper cartilage of ear. So jewelry selection is important during healing process and for initial time period. Usually industrial piercing are 14 gauge and during healing process, barbells are preferred as jewelry. Some people, according to their skin type, prefer captive bead rings in both piercing and then follow it by barbell jewelry after complete healing. It is believed that captive bead rings help to heal fast and it is the main reason why captive bead rings are preferred during healing process. Material of jewelry also matters a lot in healing.

Industrial Piercing Pain Level and Scale

People with industrial piercing reported that industrial piercing hurt more as compare to other conventional piercing. Painful time period is longer in industrial piercing and its soreness may persist for about 6 to 8 months. Sometimes it may extend up to 1 year. Intensity of pain totally depends on person stamina. Direction of industrial piercing i.e. diagonal or vertical piercing also matters a lot. During piercing, it hurts like a pinch but actual pain rises during changing jewelry and cleaning process. People rate it 4 to 5 on pain scale.

Industrial Piercing Healing Stages and Time

Industrial piercing healing time depends on person stamina and his immune system. Occurrence of infection also effects healing time. So, there is not any specific time for healing. People who follow all the aftercare instructions will heal faster as compare to one who neglects it. According to records, the average healing time of industrial piercing is 6 months because soreness persist for about 6 to 8 months. Healing time may vary from 3 months to 1 year. And it is all due to care which should be followed by every person.

Industrial Piercing Cost

Industrial piercing is a sensitive process and its cost vary from place to place. In a city, its rate will be higher as compare to rural area. In elite class parlor will cost round about 50 $. People should walk around and visit nearest parlor to get info about price or cost. A professional is required for this sensitive process. Cost of industrial piercing involve the cost of jewelry too. So price will vary according to material of jewelry. At starting stage, people prefer simple metallic barbells right after piercing and then can follow it by expensive jewelry.

Industrial Piercing Aftercare

Aftercare instructions for industrial piercing are the same as described for other body piercing. It mainly involves cleaning of piercing and ways to change jewelry. But there are some specific instructions regarding industrial piercing which involve:

  • There should be minimum contact of industrial piercing with water including salt water.
  • Alcohol, nicotine and aspirin intake should be reduced.
  • It is recommended to clean industrial piercing 3 to 6 times a day with sea salt solution.
  • Use of harsh soaps should be avoided, as it can cause dryness and make skin cracked.
  • Try to add few drops of antiseptic in routine cleaning water.

Industrial Piercing Infection

As piercing involve puncturing of skin so, there are increased chances of infection in open skin. Infection may be viral or bacterial. Infection may cause soreness in piercing hole, it can cause swelling around pierced area, redness, and infection can increase pain level and sometimes can cause pus discharge from piercing. All these symptoms show the presence of infection. So, a proper treatment is required for infection. Person should wash pierced area with saline solution twice a day. Harsh soaps and hydrogen peroxide is prohibited. Hands should be washed before touching pierced area.

Vertical Industrial Piercing

Vertical industrial piercing is a type of industrial piercing in which piercing is performed vertically in the ear. It is considered a variation in common industrial piercing. A long straight barbell is used as a jewelry to connect both perforations going vertically. Vertical industrial piercing is done by connecting other cartilage piercing of ear instead of involving helix and non-helix part. In some cases, helix and conch part of ear is involved in it. It is believed that vertical industrial piercing hurt more as compare to regular industrial piercing. It is also known as suicide industrial piercing.

Fake Industrial Piercing

Like industrial piercing jewelry there is also fake industrial piercing jewelry. People who are afraid of pain and swelling and soreness prefer to wear fake industrial jewelry. It will look like real but in fact it not. Fake industrial jewelry have many plus points over industrial piercing. Fake industrial piercing jewelry may include long rod like studs with clips on ends. These clips will hold ear and will show like person is having industrial piercing. Some people use glue to stick them on cartilage. It will cause no pain and there will be no infection in fake industrial jewelry.

Double Industrial Piercing

Single industrial piercing is normal but double industrial piercing is also becoming a fashion trend now a days. Double industrial piercing does not suits everyone. People with completely healed 1st industrial piercing should go for double industrial piercing. People get attracted towards it because multiple jewelry can be wear at a time. But most of the people got infection in 1st industrial piercing so, they do not prefer 2nd one. Double industrial piercing looks cool if it do not cause any complications in ear. People have to bear more pain in double industrial piercing and it most commonly seen in diagonal industrial piercing.

Industrial Piercing In Men and Women

According to research, women are more popular with at least 1 piercing in lifetime. In America, there are 72 percent women with ear piercing. Ear cartilage piercing i.e. industrial piercing is considered 3rd most popular type of body piercing. 13 percent women and 17 percent men are having ear piercing specifically industrial piercing. Men are more in number with industrial piercing as compare to women. Stretching of industrial piercing is also more common in men as compare to women. So it is concluded that men are more attracted to industrial piercing than women

Industrial Bar Piercing

Industrial bar piercing is another name of industrial piercing and is commonly used in UK and Ireland. It is named as industrial bar piercing because of jewelry used to wear. Jewelry is like a long bar which person wear in industrial piercing. Otherwise there is no other difference in industrial piercing and industrial bar piercing. The pain level and healing time is also same in both piercing. Even cost is also same. But there may difference in jewelry cost. Barbells may be more expensive as compare to captive bead rings and others jewelry types.

Industrial Piercing Keloid

As a result of infection in industrial pierced area, keloid formation may occur. Keloid is a bump like appearance on the site of piercing. It is red or purple in color and round in shape. Keloids require home treatment at 1st but if they do not get treated via home remedies then surgical removal of keloids is required. Home treatment include regular washing of pierced area with sea salt water solution, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is combined together to form a paste and apply it after every wash. Aspirin pills are also used as treatment.

Industrial Ear Piercing

Industrial piercing is a type of ear piercing. There are almost 13 different types of ear piercing. It mainly include ear lobe piercing and then ear cartilage piercing. After ear lobe piercing, it is estimated that about 13 percent of women are having industrial ear piercing. Industrial ear piercing is a sub type of ear cartilage piercing. There is also a wide variety of industrial ear jewelry. Industrial ear piercing is considered 3rd most common ear piercing after ear lobe piercing and ear cartilage piercing. Men are more in number with industrial ear piercing.
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