Medusa piercing - Jewelry, Pain, Healing, Cost, Aftercare

Medusa piercing is a type of body piercing which is done above the upper lip and just below nasal septum, right in center portion. It is a grooved part which joins lips to nose. It is also known as philtrum piercing because this grooved part joining lips and nose is known as philtrum and sometimes called as Cupid’s bow. This is usually performed to better sit the labret stud on Cupid’s bow. Some people prefer medusa piercing to make their lips attractive. Mostly people do not have medusa piercing alone but with associated lower lip or nose piercing.

Medusa piercing - Jewelry, Pain, Healing, Cost, Aftercare

Medusa Piercing Jewelry

Like all other type of body piercing, there is also a vast variety of medusa piercing jewelry. Jewelry is available in all desired sizes, shapes and in every material and color. Labret stud is most commonly used as medusa piercing jewelry. Other types of medusa piercing jewelry involve balls, spikes, chains and rings. Due to huge variety of jewelry, there may be a problem in selecting right type of jewelry which suits the person. Mostly medusa piercing is done in 16 gauge or 18 gauge size. So these sizes should be preferred by person while selecting jewelry as a starter.

Medusa Piercing Pain Level and Scales

Medusa piercing is reported with lowest pain on pain scale. There is only a couple of seconds of pain during starting procedure. Medusa piercing is considered least painful in the list of other facial piercings. Several layers of skin are involved and upper grooved part of lips is rich in nerves so pain level will be high but not that much high occurred in other piercings. There will be a sharp impinging pain which disappears after 2 to 3 seconds. Pain level also vary from person to person. As, some cannot bear it and some do not feel it at all.

Medusa Piercing Healing Stages and Time

Medusa piercing involve many skin layers, so there will be many healing stages which will heal every layer one by one. Healing time depends on person immune system and health status. Normally, medusa piercing will take about 6 to 12 weeks for complete healing. Mostly people get it completely healed if they do proper care and follow the cleaning procedures. Pain and swelling which appear right after piercing, will disappear after few days and will look like healed medusa piercing. But it is fresh from inside and require proper aftercare.

Medusa Piercing Cost

Medusa or philtrum piercing requires a professional because philtrum is the sensitive area which is associated with mouth, an important part of face. Cost of medusa piercing vary from parlor to parlor. The average cost of medusa piercing varies from 40 dollars to 80 dollars in elite piercing studios. 20 dollars to 30 dollars is the cost range in average parlors. Cost also varies from area to area. As in US its cost range from 40 dollars to 85 dollars. But in United Kingdom, its cost range from 25 euros to 20 euros.

Medusa Piercing Scar

People having medusa piercing are also worried about scar occurrence. Formation of scar depends upon many factors like using gauge, an infection while healing, time of wearing jewelry and body capability of healing. Scarring may be different in different person. It may be small in size or a size of big lump. When tissue of scar get overgrow, it will turn into keloid or hypertrophic scar which do not fade easily. People use many ways to hide scar like applying skin tone liquid foundation on to it. Some people use bio oil or vitamin C cream to fade it.

Medusa Piercing Swelling

It is a normal process of swelling after medusa piercing which disappear after 1 to 2 week. People worry about reducing swelling from face as early as possible. Because they feel shame in going out like this. Swelling may occur in the form of a small bump and sometimes whole face may get swell. People wear long stud to hide swelling and take it off when swelling disappear. There are some remedies to reduce swelling: apply ice cubes on medusa piercing and surrounding swollen area and anti-inflammatory drugs should be administered to eliminate swelling.

Medusa Piercing Infection and Swelling

Sometimes swelling around medusa piercing occur due to an infection. Which occur during healing process. There may be pain. Pus discharge and sometimes bleeding along with swelling. Person may suffer from fever, irritation, itching and burning sensation. Preventive measures should be followed to avoid infection. But if, infection occurs then person should rinse his mouth with salt water (sea salt dissolved in water) bid. Person should brush regularly and gargle because it is believed that salivary touch enhances the chance of infection. Yoghurt intake will help in reduction of infection. Vitamin supplements administration is recommended.

Fake Medusa Piercing

People are fond of medusa piercing now a days and it is becoming popular day by day. People who are afraid of pain occur during medusa piercing prefer fake medusa piercing jewelry. It is a type of jewelry for fake medusa piercing which consist of 3mm or 5mm cubic zirconia jewels. These cube shaped jewelry is stick to philtrum with the help of glue. It will look like real medusa piercing but in real, it is not. Women are more attracted towards fake medusa piercing jewelry as compare to men. Because women are more afraid of pain.
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