Tongue Piercing - Types, Jewelry, Pain, Healing, Cost, Aftercare

Tongue piercing is common type of body piercing which is performed by making a hole through the center of tongue. Tongue piercing is commonly seen in western countries. It became popular in 2011 in both men and women. It is considered a safest way to get tongue piercing. In tongue piercing, needle is passed right through the center of tongue from below to upright position. Tongue piercing have many types according to its appearance. It is true that tongue piercing is becoming popular day by day but there are also some serious complications and risks associated with it.

Tongue Piercing - Types, Jewelry, Pain, Healing, Cost, Aftercare

Double Tongue Piercing

Double tongue piercing after tongue piercing is becoming popular. Person can have 2nd piercing only after complete healing of 1st tongue piercing. There are many complications and risks associated with tongue piercing and person have to go through them every time he got tongue piercing. Tongue piercing is only preferred by person who can tolerate pain.Healing time is very important in double tongue piercing. Men are more into double tongue piercing as compared to women. People have a distance of about half an inch between both tongue piercing. Sometimes it depends upon the type of tongue piercing performed.

Horizontal Tongue Piercing

Horizontal tongue piercing is a type of tongue piercing in which piercing is performed horizontally. It is the most risky type of tongue piercing because a number of nerves are present in tongue and horizontal tongue piercing can damage most of them. It is performed horizontally by passing needle from right side of tongue to left side right through center of tongue. It is the most painful from all other types of tongue piercing. Men are more involved in horizontal tongue piercing as compared to women. Horizontal tongue piercing is rare because of greater nerve damage.

Vibrating Tongue Piercing

Vibrating tongue piercing is a type of tongue piercing jewelry. It is of various shapes and selected on the basis of person comfort. Vibrating tongue piercing jewelry is available in glitter, swirls, marble pattern designs, disco balls, beach stripes and checkers. In the above mentioned styles, swirl, hearts and waves are selected as 1st option as vibrating tongue piercing. Vibrating tongue bars and vibrating tongue rings are two popular shapes of vibrating tongue piercing jewelry. It is preferred because vibrating tongue jewelry works as a micro massager. It is made up of surgical steel and battery operated.

Venom Tongue Piercing

Venom tongue piercing is a type of tongue piercing. In normal tongue piercing, there is one piercing right through the center of tongue but in venom tongue piercing, there are two piercings side by side in left and right position. Venom tongue piercing is closer to tip of tongue. Venom tongue piercing looks like snake’s teeth from which venom is transferred to host. That’s why it is named as venom tongue piercing. Snake bite piercing mostly resembles venom tongue piercing because of its appearance but in snake bite piercing, both piercing are attached under the lip not in tongue.

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing

Snake eyes tongue piercing resembles venom tongue piercing. Snake eyes piercing is separated at lower lips. Basically snake eyes piercing is a lip piercing. It consist of two piercing side by side on lower lips heading outwards. There are two main types of snake piercing on the basis of jewelry i.e. ring piercing and labret stud piercing. Labret stud piercing is right in the middle of lower lips and studs are used as jewelry but in ring piercing, rings are used as jewelry. Snake eyes tongue piercing is expensive i.e. cost 80$ to 120$.

Scoop Tongue Piercing

Scoop tongue piercing like all above mentioned types, is a type of tongue piercing. But it is named as scoop piercing because of its jewelry. It is a horizontal tongue piercing in which needle is passed from right side of tongue and bring out from left side of tongue. Present in the center of tongue. The needle is followed by scoop shaped jewelry. Scoop tongue piercing do not allow jewelry to pass the tongue vertically but remains on surface. People with scoop tongue piercing are more comfortable as compared to venom and other horizontal tongue piercings.

Under Tongue Piercing

Under tongue piercing is also known as frenulum linguae piercing. In this type of tongue piercing, needle is passed through frenulum which is present just underneath the tongue. Under tongue piercing is not a comfortable piercing because it may cause injury on continuous touching with lower tongue area. Under tongue piercing is the rarest type of tongue piercing. Studs, barbells and rings are used as jewelry but rings are mostly preferred because barbells may cause injury. It also causes many problems in eating and talking. The healing time of under tongue piercing is long as compared to other tongue piercings.

Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Tongue piercing jewelry selection totally depends upon the type of piercing. Barbells are used as initial jewelry because they are the safest. Size of jewelry and comfort level of person is considered while selecting jewelry. Thin shaped straight barbells may cause discomfort and irritation. Studs, rings and beads are also available in market. Every type of tongue piercing prefers different jewelry according to its appearance. Piercing is performed at 14 gauge but sometimes it can be reduced to 12 gauge or even 10 gauge and later may increase it by stretching. So the size of jewelry also increases.

Tongue Piercing Pain Level and Scale

Tongue piercing is considered the least painful piercing on pain scale. Some people rate it zero on pain scale (with upper limit 10). But pain level totally depends on person stamina. Mostly do not feel it happening because it hurt in the slightest. Pain intensity also depends upon the length of tongue. Longer the tongue will be, less pain will occur. Pain level of tongue piercing is compared with many things like biting your tongue, extraction of teeth and flu shot but tongue piercing was least on list with pain.

Tongue Piercing Healing Stages and Time

There are many factors affecting healing time of a piercing and regularity of aftercare is on top. When person take good care of piercing and regularly follow all instructions regarding aftercare, then healing time become short. Every type of tongue piercing have different healing time. But generally any tongue piercing May get heal in 2 to 4 weeks. Complete healing occurs in 8 weeks. It can extends up to months if an infection occurs. Tongue piercings are considered fastest at healing. There are less problems in healing process if proper care is provided to them.

Tongue Piercing Cost

Tongue piercing are of many types and each type have different cost. Simple tongue piercing will cost about 20$ least. Snake bite tongue piercing is considered the expensive one and will cost around 80$ to 120$. It is expensive because it involves lips. Area difference also effect cost of tongue piercing. As an elite class parlor will charge high as compare to a normal piercing parlor. So person should walk around to check rate list of tongue piercing. The average cost of tongue piercing is in the range of 20$ to 50$.

Tongue Piercing Aftercare

There are some aftercare instructions which should be followed in every type of tongue piercing:

  • Person should avoid hard meals for some days and should wash his lips and tongue properly after every meal.
  • Warm sea salt water or an anti-bacterial mouth wash is recommended for cleaning tongue.
  • Person have to avoid kissing and saliva contact with anyone.
  • Person should take soft meal and eat with small bites and sips.
  • Hot drinks like coffee, tea and hot chocolate are prohibited completely.
  • Spicy food, salty food and acidic food is also prohibited.
  • Person should avoid sharing his utensils with anyone.
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