Rook Piercing - Pain, Healing, Types, Jewelry, Cost, Aftercare

When piercing is performed on anti-helix part of ear it is known as rook piercing. People have rook piercing for wearing jewelry. The exact location is above the tragus present on the ridge which lies between the inner and outer conch. Piercing may pass from underside to the top of this ridge. It is different from other ear piercings because it does not lie between a front and back surface but it is performed exactly the way other ear piercings are performed. Rook piercing was 1st originated and popularized by Erik Dakota. He named rook piercing after his name as a shortest version.

Rook piercing - Pain, Healing, Types, Jewelry, Cost, Aftercare

Rook Piercing Pain Level and Scales

As compare to other body piercing, rook piercing is rated low on pain scale. It may hurt more than a normal ear lobe piercing but it is not that much painful as nipple piercing is. During piercing, person may feel a sharp pain sensation which is followed by dull and throbbing pain. This dull and throbbing pain will last for about couple of days. There may be tenderness and redness in pierced area. Some factors like sleeping on one side for long time and infection may make pain worse.

Rook Piercing Healing Stages and Time

Healing time is effected by many factors like immunity system, infection and other complications. People with rook piercing reported average time of healing round about 12 to 18 months. In this time period rook piercing gets heal completely from inside out. As healing time passes, pain intensity decreases. Healing time may become short i.e. less than a year if all the aftercare instructions are followed. Rook piercing takes long time to heal because it is not just skin, but cartilage bone is involved. So, time is required to heal rook piercing completely from inside.

Rook Piercing Jewelry

Rook piercing is different a bit from other body piercing so its jewelry is also different from others. Normally captive bead rings and curved barbells are used in rook piercing because of their small size. Rook piercing offers small space for jewelry so person feel comfortable in wearing small size jewelry. There are cute designs available in small jewelry. Other than captive bead rings and curved barbells people also try hoop earrings. Actually hoop earrings complement rook piercing. There is variety in material used in jewelry I.e. diamond based jewelry, heart shaped and rook piercing ring jewelry.

Rook Piercing Cost

Rook piercing requires a specific trick to perform. Only a professional can do it accurately. It is different from other body piercings because it does not pass from front surface to back surface of ear. It is performed vertically on anti-helix cartilage bone of ear. Normally it will cost around 35$ to 50$ in a professional parlor. Cost will vary area to area. Rook piercing cost high as compared to other body piercing. Cost of jewelry is also involved in total cost. Jewelry is charged according to material used in it i.e. diamond jewelry will cost high as compared to simple metallic jewelry.

Rook Piercing Aftercare

Rook piercing requires special care after piercing is done. Here are some aftercare instructions which should be followed:

  • Person should wash hand with an anti-bacterial soap before touching it.
  • Cleaning of pierced area is required thrice or four times a day with sea salt water solution.
  • Mild soap should be used to wash pierced area.
  • Disposable paper towel should be used to tap dry washed pierced area.
  • Exposure to perfumes and ointments should be reduced.
  • Avoid using head phones or ear phones.
  • Try to keep your hair away from piercing.

Rook Piercing Infection

Rook piercing involves cartilage bone and is more prone to infections. Viruses and bacteria can attack it easily. So, proper aftercare is required to avoid occurrence of infection and other complications. Excessive redness, soreness, pain and sometimes pus discharge shows the presence of an infection. Infection increases the intensity of pain. Occurrence of infection delays the healing process and increase healing time. Rejection and migration are the complications normally seen with rook piercing infection. If swelling and pain and soreness persist for longer period of time, person should rush to nearby piercing parlor to get his/her jewelry removed.

Faux Rook Piercing

Faux rook piercing is a type of rook piercing. In faux piercing, a single perforation is performed which passes cartilage horizontally and comes out from back surface of ear. It resembles conch piercing. The exact location for faux root piercing is above the inner ridge. People prefer faux rook piercing to wear cute little stud jewelry. It is becoming popular day by day and youth is attracted towards it because of its cute look. Fake jewelry of faux rook piercing is also available in market for those, who are afraid of pain occur during piercing.

Rook Piercing and Tragus Piercing

Root piercing and tragus piercing are different at location. As root piercing is performed above tragus and tragus piercing involved tragus part. Perforation is made immediately in front of ear canal in tragus piercing. Jewelry style for these two piercing is same i.e. small sized jewelry (captive bead rings). Studs are common to use in both piercing. Tragus piercing is not as painful as rook piercing because there are no rick network of nerves in tragus. Contrary to it, root piercing is performed on nerve rich area. Cost or price of both piercings will also differ.

Rook Piercing and Daith Piercing

Root piercing and daith piercing are different from each other. Root piercing is performed on non-helix part of ear i.e. upper portion of tragus while daith piercing is performed on outer cartilage portion i.e. helix part of ear. Cost and pain level is also different in both piercing. Healing time is different as daith piercing will heal soon as compare to rook piercing. Chances of infection in both piercing is same and aftercare instructions should be followed in both piercing equally. People are having daith piercing on increased rate as compare to rook piercing.
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