Helix Piercing - Double helix, Forward Helix, Triple Helix, Triple Forward Helix

Helix piercing involves the perforation of helix part of ear. Helix is the upper ear cartilage which is done for the purpose of wearing jewelry. A small gauge needle which is hollow from inside is used for making hole. Jewelry used in helix piercing should be of small diameter like captive bead rings and studs. Two helix piercing at a time is named as industrial piercing and barbells are used in it. Helix part of ear contains no or less nerve endings so person will feel less pain during perforation. But pain level vary from person to person.

Helix piercing - Double helix, Forward Helix, Triple Helix, Triple Forward Helix

Double Helix Piercing

Double helix piercing contains two perforations one after the other. 2nd helix piercing is performed just below the 1st one. 2nd helix piercing requires complete healing of 1st one. Jewelry is selected according to piercing i.e. small sized jewelry like captive bead rings and studs. Double helix piercing is becoming popular day by day. Sometimes a single piece of jewelry is passed from both piercing holes and it is then called as industrial piercing. Men and women are equally taking interest in helix piercing. Helix piercing is the 2nd most popular ear piercing after ear lobe piercing.

Forward Helix Piercing

Forward helix piercing is performed on curved outer side of ear which is parallel to ear canal. This curved part is known as forward helix. It is made up of cartilage. It is a type of helix piercing and can be performed multiple times i.e. double and triple helix piercing. Forward helix piercing is performed the same way as simple helix piercing is performed. Pain level is also similar in both piercing because these both locations consist of cartilage (having no or less nerve endings). Helix piercing may take about 3 to 6 months to heal completely.

Triple Helix Piercing

Triple helix piercing is consist of three perforations one after the other. Every time before piercing person have to make sure about complete healing of previous piercing. Some people say that triple piercing is quite uncomfortable. It is performed the same way by which other helix piercings are performed. People have double and triple piercing mostly in western areas. Every time helix piercing hurts up to the same level. Some extra care is required in double and triple helix piercing because an infection in any piercing can affect other piercing holes too and it will be difficult to handle them.

Triple Forward Helix Piercing

Triple forward helix piercing involves three piercing on curved outer surface of ear. Piercings are performed one after the other. Triple forward helix piercing is less common among people but double forward helix piercing is more common. Previous piercings should be healed completely from inside out before next piercing is done. 2nd or 3rd piercing may not cause problem in previous piercing if infection do not occur. As infection can cause problems in other piercings too. Some people resemble it with conch piercing. Conch piercing is different from forward helix piercing because of location i.e. conch piercing involves inner part of curved surface.

Anti-Helix Piercing

Anti-helix piercing involves piercing at non-helix part of ear. Anti-helix piecing involves many types of ear piercing. Anti-helix part of ear consist of cartilage but is different from helix part of ear because it contains nerve endings in it. Because of presence of nerve endings, it will pain more as compared to helix piercing. Jewelry used in anti-helix piercing is curved barbells, circular barbells and rings. Healing time is almost same as required in helix piercing. Cost is another factor which makes it different and expensive from helix piercing because anti-helix piercing are difficult to perform.
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