What is Femmycycle - Sizes, Folds, Instructions, Reviews

During the periods, the young girls and matured women are unable to carry on their activities and outdoor visits, especially the physical workouts. They always use tampons and the pads with extraordinary features, while they don’t know what is Femmycycle as this is the latest innovation with its extraordinary features and smart benefits. If you go through the introduction to FemmyCycle, you will come across it is a menstrual cup made of the medically approved and laboratory tested Silicon to collect the menstrual flow quickly and keep the undergarments dry and clean. The menstrual cup is placed exactly in the vagina canal where it collects the blood flow quickly and it gives you 12 consecutive hours leakage guaranty.

Femmycycle Sizes:

Of course, the FemmyCycle is available in single type material, but in different sizes according to the vagina canal dimension and size. So, when you are willing to use this marvelous product to control your menstrual flow, you should choose the right and comfortable Femmycycle sizes. However, the insertion method, folds, and other instructions to place the menstrual cup are unchanged in all sized FemmyCycle. It may take little more time to choose a comfortable, convenient and right size of the FemmyCycle for your own use. The material by this product has been manufactured in medically graded silicon with great safety. Further, you need to go through additional tips and using guide to place the FemmyCycle inside the vagina.

What is Femmycycle - Sizes, Folds, Instructions, Reviews

Femmycycle Folds:

FemmyCycle is one of the medical inventions in the world with their endless health features and benefits. Basically, this product is made of high quality and tested Silicon that has a specific cup form. The users need to know how to make the Femmycycle folds. Basically, a fold means to press and fold up the whole cup just to insert in vagina canal via uterus to collect the blood. You can make different folds of the Femmycycle, but in general, it has a particular fold type that is convenient and very comfortable for the users. Anyways, it suits the women to use for all activities and results of the product are better than using tampons and pads.

Femmycycle Instructions:

For this, you should focus on some important and fundamental Femmycycle instructions. The best instructions are;
  • You should keep yourself fully relaxed.
  • In next, feel and find your cervix of the uterus
  • Sit on the edge of a toilet by raising one leg and standing on the other leg just to make your vagina open before your hand
  • Empty your bladder
  • Lubricate the cup rim with coconut oil or KY jelly
  • Make a fold of the open end of this cup in C-shape and insert it inside the vagina canal slowly and gently
  • Be punctual to remove the cup after 12 hours maximum or before according to situations etc.

Femmycycle Reviews:

When you go through the Femmycycle reviews, you will have sufficient information to make sure usefulness and the benefits of this product. In fact, the FemmyCycle comes with a number of pros and qualities that appreciate the women to terminate using traditional period pads and tampons. FemmyCycle is the best choice because it carries following pros for the users.
  • No worry and no discomfort
  • Medically graded Silicon with FDA test
  • No plastic, PVC or other types of the toxic elements
  • Economical, easily available and reusable
  • Lasting durability and great suction capability
  • Durable, high quality, easy to insert as well as remove etc.
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