How old do you have to be to Donate Blood in USA, UK and Canada

Blood donation always saves the life of people. Blood donation is the best type of charity in the world. However, everyone can never donate blood for a social service and the humanity. Usually, there are many conditions and essential factors which the donors have to consider before donating the blood. Basically, the blood donation rules are different in every country and the donors have to meet important and legal formalities if they want to donate the blood. In general, blood donation rules in USA, UK and Canada are a bit similar, but they also have several dissimilarities. Age, physical fitness, blood donation duration and drug-free blood factors are the most compulsory formalities.

Age Factor in Different Countries:

In fact, there are plenty of things for the blood donors to be considered and met before donating the blood. Certainly, blood donation is the best activity as well as ethical service, but the doctors and health experts don’t accept the blood from donors having a drug addiction, infectious disease, HIV/AIDS, allergy and age under a legal age limit. These rules are generally standard everywhere, however, some of these regulations vary from country to country. The age and weight of the donors both are integral aspects which the doctors and laboratory analysts give more importance. Parent or guardian permission is also important somewhere for blood donation from the donors under the age of 17.

How old do you have to be to Donate Blood in USA, UK and Canada

Age for Blood Donation in the USA:

USA Government imposes some significant conditions and legal formalities to the blood donors. Basically, the blood donors under an age of 16 to 17 may donate the blood, but with a written consent of their parents or guardians. However, the health and physical fitness of the donors under 17 must be good. The weight of blood donors under this age should be between 110 lbs and 130 lbs. Donors aged from 25 to 50 are the best for blood donation, but they must be physical and medical fit, while they must not be addicted to any drug. The blood donors over 56 to 76 can donate blood, but there must be 3 months interval for the male donors and interval will be 4 months for female donors.

Blood Donor’s Age in the UK:

In the UK, the most people are able to donate their blood. However, there are few formalities which the donors must meet prior to donating the blood. Initially, the age limit of donors in the UK is between 17 and 66 years, however, the people above 66 can also donate the blood. The average weight of a blood donor should be up to 50kg and physical fitness must be sound. On the other side, the doctors and hospitals don’t accept the blood from the donors having any critical or infectious health disorder and if they are addicted to drugs. The donors can donate the blood up to 470ml and interval between two consecutive donations must be at least 3 months.

Age Eligibility for Blood Donation in Canada:

The criteria for blood donors in Canada is little different from USA and UK. The blood donors have to meet the specific terms and legal rules for blood donation. Basically, the donors must be at least 17 to 23 years old with good physical health and able to continue their normal activities after donating the blood. Secondly, the second blood donation should be after 56 days of the first donation for the males and the females must go for the second donation after 84 days of their first donation. Rest of the formalities like weight, free of any drug addiction and other regulations are also important for the donors in Canada to be met.
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