Fecalith Definition, Symptoms, causes, Treatment

The intestinal tract is the main human anatomy and if there is any obstruction or issue in this tract, then there may be some critical and chronic bowel disorders. In these days, the cases of Fecalith are rapidly increasing because the severe constipation is the general health problem of the people. Anyways, it is the right time to know what is Fecalith and the major causes that result in such critical and irritating health disorder. When a person suffers from this irritating infection, then he would experience stiffed and massive feces in the intestinal tract. Further, the Appendix and some other critical bowel complications may happen if a patient does not go for proper treatment.

Fecalith or Fecolith has been a complicated health disorder that can be risky and more irritating in the case of no right treatment. Fecalith can be defined as it is a piece of feces that come to the intestinal tract and obstruct the duct partially or completely. The Fecalith may also cause many other bowel issues, Appendix and some rectum problems that may be serious and lasting. There are plenty of right treatments, measures, and surgeries that can cure Fecalith fast and remove it from the intestinal tract faster. However, it is very easy and simple for the doctors and surgeons to treat Fecalith in initial stages.

 Fecalith Definition, Symptoms, causes, Treatment

Fecalith Symptoms

Usually, there is no clear and common symptom of this infection, but the suffering patients can observe when they go to the toilet. They always have severe and extensive constipation. Secondly, during the toilet use, they may also have problems in the bowel movement and colon. These are general Fecalith symptoms which the patients can observe and declare themselves. The doctors and surgeons always use CT Scans and Ultrasound to diagnose this health disorder in the patients.

Fecalith Causes

Fecalith seems a casual and ordinary health disorder, but it has lasting effects overall health condition. Generally, the patients can suffer from critical problems when they are suffering from Fecalith. If the people follow instructions and advice of the doctors, then they can prevent Fecalith successfully. Usually, the common and more popular causes of Fecalith are;
  • Disease of Hirschsprung
  • Chagas disorder
  • Psychiatric patients
  • Continuous and extensive constipation
  • Neoplastic and Inflammatory conditions
  • Intestinal and rectum issues etc.
  • Arrested motility of large intestine
  • Colitis
  • Intestinal perforation
  • Internal hemorrhage due damage of internal linings
  • Idiopathic intestinal obstruction

Fecalith Treatment

It is a bit critical and challenging for the surgeons and doctors to treat the Fecalith. The most doctors use the surgical techniques and minor operations to cure the patients of this critical disorder. However, the best Fecalith treatment is the use of digital surgical methods including proctocolectomy or sigmoidocolectomy and Ileostomy.

Further, there are also some popular medicines and supplements that help the patients to remove obstruct from their intestinal tracts and rectum. These medicines may work slowly, but these deliver 100% certain and reliable outcomes without delivering serious side effects. The most doctors and surgeons prefer the surgical and digital techniques that are time efficient and 100% satisfaction guaranteed treatments.

It is often claimed that some home remedies like apple cider vinegar or mixture of honey and resins are very beneficial in bowel evacuation and smooth muscle spasm. Those who have Fecalith problem due to bowel motility disorder must try this magical home remedy. Moreover, it also promotes intestinal motility. It should be consumed in morning time with empty stomach to in order to get 100% results.

Macrogol is another medicine that might be useful in this problem but it must be sued cautiously because it is contraindicated in conditions like intestinal perforation, hemorrhage or colitis.
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