Choreoathetosis Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

The human body is made of cells, tissues, muscles and bones. These are the actual fundamentals of every human body. If the muscles get disturbed or influenced by any disorder, then more probably, the entire body would be unable to move properly. Usually, the most people in the world, especially in developing countries are commonly affected by this health issue. Choreoathetosis is generally the happening of involuntary movements by the combination of athetosis and chorea. Usually, the sudden infections, injuries or disorders in the muscle movement will lead this health complication. This disorder may be more critical and lasting that means the complete disability.

Choreoathetosis is a combination of the term chorea and the term athetosis. These are two types of irregular movement that are often combined in the same disorder. Chorea refers to fast, rigrous, short, irregular and unpredictable muscles jerks and may appear in the muscles of the limbs, face or trunk. Athetosis is characterized by slow movements, twisting, uncoordinated forced usually involving the limbs, although such movements can affect the facial muscles and its associated as well. Choreoathetosis can occur acutely or chronically on the basis of, or transient, or be a permanent phenomenon in life. It can affect the ability to talk, limbs movements, walk difficulty or changing position. 

The involuntary movements always happen in the human body. However, there are some critical situations when these movements may cause some chronic disorders and disability. Usually, the Choreoathetosis can be defined as a state or physical situation in which the involuntary movements happen due to the combination of chorea and athetosis. Basically, the medical experts and doctors consider this disorder the most dangerous and chronic because it directly influences the muscles, bones, joints and the tissues. So, if a person suffers from this health disorder, then he/she would be disabling to move naturally and properly. This disorder mostly happens in the growing children as well as in infants.

Choreoathetosis Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Choreoathetosis Symptoms

There are some obvious symptoms through which it can be identified easily. In general, the most people work hard and they use their specific body parts and muscles. The continuous use of such muscles and parts will carry on movements and involuntary activities that would not be stopped. Choreoathetosis symptoms,  includes abnormality in involuntary movements of the body or specific parts, continuous involuntary twitching and the consistent writing movements. The suffering people will have problems to move their body and control their moving parts.

Choreoathetosis Causes

Choreoathetosis is one of the most dangerous muscle disorders in the human beings. This disorder may attack to anyone regardless the age and sex. However, the people over 15 years and up to 35 years may have more chances of choreoathetosis, but it depends upon the involuntary movements and activities of a body. There are many well known choreoathetosis causes and some of these causes have been enlisted below.
  • Tumors
  • Trauma
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Chorea Gravidarum
  • Extrapyramidal disease
  • Sydenham’s Chorea
  • Huntington’s disorder
  • Ataxia-Telangiectasia
  • Kernicterus etc.

Choreoathetosis Treatment

The major choreoathetosis treatment can be classified into several important categories and sessions that can be more effective for the patients. Generally, this disorder belongs to the muscles and joints. Sometimes, the smaller doses of Carbamazepine and Phenytoin would be highly effective, but these medicines should be given to patients according to their physical conditions and medical reports. Many physicians and doctors also use the CNS stimulants, supplements and muscle development steroids, but in rare cases according to the nature or attack of the disease. Research is still on its way to find out targeted treatments that can cure it completely rather than following disease management.
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