What is Scintillating Scotoma - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

If you always notice black spot every time you want to focus your sight on an object, there is probability that you have vision disorder called Scintillating scotoma. The word “Scotoma” used to describe this vision disorder originated from Greek and it means “darkness”. In that regard, if you always experience daytime darkness when you concentrate your look at a particular object, it is a sign that you are having scotoma. This post is made to provide readers with all the information they need to know about this popular eye vision disorder.

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 Scintillating Scotoma Definition

Scintillating scotoma is defined as an obscure region within the field of vision. So many people suffering from this vision condition usually experience black spot right at one corner of their eye which obstructs the peripheral vision. This obstruction is defined in medical field as area or island of impaired or total loss of visual acuity circumvented through a field of comparative or normal well-preserved vision. Different people usually refer this condition with different names. Some normally call the disorder a “Blind Spot” following the name scotoma which is a Greek word meaning darkness.

What is Scintillating Scotoma - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

 Scintillating Scotoma Symptoms

Another thing you need to know about this vision disorder is that it is classified into different forms such as peripheral scotoma, hemianopic scotoma, central scotoma, pareacentral scotoma and bilateral scotoma. This condition is mostly typified with one or multiple light or darkly area as well as blurred region within the visual field. Depending on the condition of the black spot, it can be temporal and fade away after sometime or permanent which will remain in the eye causing greater obstruction to the vision. Scintillating scotoma in pregnant women usually manifest in form of severe preeclampsia, which is known as form of hypertension stimulated by pregnancy.

Scintillating Scotoma Causes

There are several underlying factors believed to cause this vision disorder. The factors include outcome of corrective eye surgical operation or even ocular infection. Several other eye problems can cause this condition such as retinitis pigmentosa which is a hereditary condition mostly on retina that is typified by several problems like pigment change in retina, night  blindness and even eventual vision loss.

Other possible causes  include nutritional deficiencies , toxic substances, brain injury or stroke, glaucoma, blockages in retina vein, vascular obstructions and lots more. In fact, anything that affects the retina or obstruct the eye vision can result to this condition.

 Scintillating Scotoma Treatment

After this condition has been diagnosed and confirmed and the underlined causes identified, doctors normally develop suitable treatment option. If the damage to the eye is not permanent the treatment will be directed at getting rid of the black spot. It is also important to manage the possible underlying causes of the condition in order to reduce the effect. To some individual proper eye exercises can help to manage and treat the condition.

There are also some companies producing vision treatment system suitable for scintillating scotoma. Just make sure that you visit your physician when you discover this condition and the treatment option suitable for your case will be identified.
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