What is Myelomalacia - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Spinal cord in human beings plays a key part in physical movements. If it is damaged in an injury, of course, the patient will be unable to move and simply he/she will be a paralyzed person. Anyhow, when you are going to discuss myelomalacia, then you should keep the focus on ways to prevent it. It is necessary to know possible complications of myelomalacia and the causes that lead such critical and lasting spinal cord injury. Myelomalacia is an injury in the spinal cord that happens due to many factors and cord becomes soft to move beside to actual place.

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Myelomalacia Definition

This is a type of pathological injury that soften the bones around spinal cord and this softness results in little distraction of spinal cord from its natural position. This injury is most terrible and chronic because it creates pain shocks towards the bottom of body as well as human nervous system. Most of the health experts, surgeons and doctors strongly believe that due to when extrusion of intervertebral discs myelomalacia occurs and spinal cord has little diversion due to this softness.

What is Myelomalacia - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Myelomalacia Symptoms

There are some differences between the back pain and myelomalacia (Spinal Cord Injury). However, both can be differentiated by reading the symptoms and signs. There are several myelomalacia symptoms which a patient can observe and confirm this injury. Some signs of myelomalacia are common, while few are rare that can be experienced when the injury is more intensive. Major signs of myelomalacia are;

•    Severe anxiety
•    Change in mood
•    Continuous depression
•    Insomnia (Poor sleep)
•    Electric shocks of pain when bending or lifting weight
•    Fatigue
•    Quick reduction in motor functions
•    Sudden jerks on limbs
•    Pain perception loss
•    Respiratory system issues etc.

Myelomalacia Causes

Myelomalacia causes are many in number. Basically, the athletes and sportsmen mostly encounter with myelomalacia due to sudden bend, twist and jump. They have a jerk in their spinal cord and later on, it becomes severe and more painful. However, there are some other injuries and reasons behind myelomalacia in humans. Some general causes of this spinal cord injury are;

•    Spinal syrinxes
•    Traumatic injury
•    Leak of Spinal fluid from Cerebral
•    Back surgery
•    Accidents
•    Osteoporosis
•    Spinal Cord Collapse
•    Eventual Hemorrhaging
•    Sudden compression of spinal cord during some body massage
•    Bone fractures around cord
•    Circulatory and back muscle issues etc.

Myelomalacia Treatment

Myelomalacia always causes the nerve damage in patients and there is no right and effective medicine yet that can reserve this damage completely. In fact, medical science has been struggling for a long time to discover a 100% satisfactory and best myelomalacia treatment for the patients. However, there are some good and reliable treatments as well as drugs that can either reduce the pain in case of spinal damage or minimize swelling around the cord. Some right methods of medication for myelomalacia patients are;

•    Steroids (Juts for reducing swelling)
•    Prescription drugs (Just for mood change, good sleep and reducing pain)
•    Physiotherapy by devices to recover spinal cord damage
•    Body massage to relieve the pain etc.
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