What is Apophysitis - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Apophysitis is a bone and joint problem in humans. A specific type of bump happens exactly under the knee that creates severe pain in patients. This pain becomes like electric shocks and jerks when patients move. Medical science has researched over what is apophysitis and discovered that it is caused by many types of knee injuries, the growth of spurs, bending and rotating legs suddenly and some stretchiness in hip muscles and back legs. Once a person experiences this pain, then he/she becomes unable to move due to excessive pain and discomforts. Right treatments and some best physical therapies are best to cure apophysitis completely.

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Apophysitis Definition

General, apophysitis definition explains it a pain of knee joint at tibial tuberosity. Inflammation at Patellar Ligament occurs and grows faster. Usually, youngsters and adolescents mostly encounter with apophysitis during some physical workouts, activities and playing sports. On the other end, if this happens due to the growth of spurs on knee joints, then it will be a type of osteophytosis that is another bone and joint disorder in humans. However, some best treatments are available to recover a patient completely and quickly.

What is Apophysitis - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Apophysitis Symptoms

Like other bone disorders, apophysitis also has some signs that help the patients as well as doctors to diagnose this bone problem. Usually, there are few common apophysitis symptoms which you can experience whenever you have this disorder. The best way to diagnose apophysitis is X-Ray and some knee scanning tests that will clarify and declare the disorder completely. Some of apophysitis signs and symptoms may be;

•    Severe pain little below the knee
•    Swelling in case of serious conditions
•    Discomforts
•    Rapid ache, even patients are motionless
•    No possibility of physical movement
•    Limping in early states or in the start
•    Fatigue
•    Backache towards the hip etc.

Apophysitis Causes

Every disease or bone disorder has several causes. When you preview the apophysitis causes, you will come across few common and very ordinary reasons behind this knee joint complication. apophysitis is normal initially, but it becomes more serious and critical over time. Patients will be unable to move in case of severe and lasting pain. However, some causes of apophysitis are;

•    Jumping
•    Hitting the ground with heel
•    Twisting legs suddenly
•    Rotating the whole body without moving legs
•    Stretchiness in back and hip muscles
•    Growth of spurs on knee joint
•    Disturbance in patella
•    Wearing heavy and flat shoes for running etc.

Apophysitis Treatment

It is time to read about the bets, effective and result oriented apophysitis treatment after going through definition, signs and causes of this knee disorder. Basically, most of the bone infections, disorders and injuries are treated by physical treatments like therapies, massage, exercises and others. However, medicine may also be effective to control pain, swelling and joint disturbance. Most people try homemade lotions, oils and other remedies to treat this knee disorder At the moment, there are five well-known treatments for apophysitis among the patients. These treatments are;

•    Latest physiotherapy
•    Medical treatment
•    Rehabilitation
•    Surgery
•    Traditional massage.
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