What is Symmastia - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Symmastia is a rare health disorder characterized to the breasts of women. In general, most women encounter with this condition after breast enlargement surgeries and some augmentation procedures. However, many women have this breast problem inherited. Still, you need to go through what is Symmastia and when it happens. Symmastia is a condition when there is no separation of distance between both of breasts or implants of a girl or woman. It is not dangerous and risky, but it disgraces the sexual beauty and beauty of a woman. If the connective tissues of breasts become weaker over the sternum, then Symmastia may occur.

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Symmastia Definition

Symmastia can be a cognition condition in women when they don’t have any gap or separation between both of breasts. Both breasts seem uniboob and are connected with each other. Further, it is not a common medical condition among women because it may happen naturally at the birth time or after having some breast enlarging surgeries. In general, the midline of chest goes on vanishing and both implants come together closely and seem single boob or breast.

What is Symmastia - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Symmastia Symptoms

Of course, there are not many Symmastia symptoms because it is a general condition in which the breasts of a woman come together and look like one breast. The midline on the chest can never be seen or felt. Both breasts will remain connected with each other throughout the life until a proper repairing method is not applied. Sometimes, the patients may have pain in their implants and discomforts when they have a sex. Usually, this medical condition is clear and there is no need of any diagnosing technique or test. You can easily declare it whenever you have a skin liftoff in the sterna region or chest.

Symmastia Causes

This is much important and necessary for the women to know about general and specific symmastia causes. If they prevent such causes other than natural reasons, then they can prevent symmastia and keep their implants strong, lifted, round and well shaped. Breast augmentation is a general reason or cause of symmastia. Some other causes of this breast disorder are;

•    Larger breasts and improper way to keep them
•    Small sized bra or pockets to keep the breasts
•    Keeping and closing breasts regularly
•    By born problem
•    Breast enlarging surgery and augmentation complications
•    Weakness of breast tissues
•    Muscle implants
•    The habit of wearing tight and small sized bra for lasting duration etc.

Symmastia Treatment

Though Symmastia is uncommon but it is a critical breast disorder from aesthetic point of view that can be corrected and treated completely. When you look at Symmastia treatment, you will come to known a number of top curing methods for this specific disorder. However, the patients need to stay connected with doctors from beginning to the completion of treatment. Some very useful and effective treatments of Symmastia are;

•    Replacement of implants
•    Wearing different and separate bras for both breasts
•    Massage and creating distances
•    Removal of excessive fats
•    Capsulorrhaphy
•    Submuscular revision
•    Revision of Sabglandular
•    Massage of weak breast tissues
•    Physical exercises etc.
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