What is Pronator Drift - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

In the field of medicine, this condition is also called pyramidal drift and it is used to explain a pathological sign observe when there is neurological examination. The description of this health condition has been credited to Jean Alexandre Barre who is believed to be the first to describe it in the field of medicine. This condition is known to appear as a result of an upper motor neuron lesion.

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Pronator Drift Definition

The Pronator drift can be defined as a sign of a delicate  disorder of the upper motor neuron, even though this condition can equally be found in some other conditions like metabolism inborn errors and others. This condition requires neurological examination in order to confirm the effect on the body. In order to get proper result while testing for this condition, patient is instructed to hole the arms stretched facing the palms upwards. This is also defined as the drifting downward of the hand into pronation. It is also a sign of weakness of the arms. It is also inability to hold the arms up against effect of gravity.

What is Pronator Drift - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Pronator Drift Symptoms

At the earlier stages of pronator drift it is not always so much obvious due to the fact that the upper motor neuron is not yet completely weak. For that reason, most people suffering from this condition do not even know that they are suffering from it till it has gotten to the worse state. Weakening of the arms, hands, movement disorders, lack of coordination and others are among the underlying symptom of this serious health condition. For that reason, when you begin to witness or feel weakness of your arm or hands you should immediately consult your doctor as it can be a sign of this brain related disorder. Also, spasticity is one of the most obvious symptoms of this disorder.

Pronator Drift Causes

There are many factors suspected to contribute in causing Pronator drift to people. Weakness of upper motor neuron is known as the major cause of this problem. For that reason anything that can cause weakening of the upper motor neuron has tendency to impart pronator drift. Trauma to the brain can be seen as the major cause of weakness of upper motor neuron which in turn can result to pronator of several parts of the body mainly the arm, hands and others. In fact, injuries of the upper motor neuron has been known to be the main cause of the weakness of the upper motor neuron causing pronator at the end of the day.

Pronator Drift Treatment

Is there treatment for the Pronator drift?  This is one of the most asked questions from people when there is sign of weakness of the upper motor neuron in the brain. A test is required before commencement of treatment for this disorder. During this test, doctor will ask a patient to stretch the arm facing the palm upward. In bid to accentuate response the patient is also ask to close the eyes.

The reason for this phenomenon is that patient will easily depend only on proprioception in order to maintain the position of the arms without vision. After the test, the physician will then decide on the suitable treatment option to use.
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