What is Notalgia paresthetica - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Notalgia paresthetica is a type of pain that can be felt at the upper or the lower back. The pain can be mild to severe; the pain can be discontinuous as well. This particular disease is more common in females than males. In most of the cases, the problem is found to be at the later ages. Individuals aging more than 50 years are more prone to such type of disease.  Paresthetica can be worse but it is not life threatening at all. However it can badly affect the daily activities like sitting and walking.  Discomfort is one of the major issues that can be caused by the disease.

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Notalgia paresthetica Definition

Notalgia paresthetica is a condition in which there are marks onto the skin. These marks are often found at the back of the individual. The patches can be irritating for the patients. One of the reasons for the appearance of the patches is the nerve cells. The cells of the skin are not provided with the sensory activities. The term sensory neuropathy is often used to describe the problem. The color of the skin might change with the passage of time. Scrubbing or scratching can cause complication to the patients suffering from the disease. Histopathological analysis is required to determine the issues into the skin.

Notalgia paresthetica Symptoms

Like the other diseases there are some definite symptoms that can indicate notalgia paresthetica. Sensation issues are always on top, there a typical kind of variation in the sensation onto the skin. The color of the skin is often dark in such type of the problem.  The skin might get rough with the itching as well. The itching can be severe to normal depending upon the condition of the patient. There are various patches that can be found at the back of the patient.  Burning can also be felt at the same time, the patient might feel that there is tenderness at the region. Pain can also be one of the symptoms including the tingling.

Notalgia paresthetica Causes

It is hard to say what are the causes behind notalgia paresthetica, but according to the expert doctors it is said that the problem can be because of the sensory innervation. There is a network of the nerves in almost every part of the body. When there is an increased nerve stimulus in the specific region, it may cause the issues like this. There is another factor that can play an important role in generating this particular problem.  The cervical or thoracic area can get affected due to the issues in the disc. Once the nerves are pinched, it can be one of the causes for the problem.

Notalgia paresthetica Treatment

There are three basic treatments available for notalgia Paresthetica. It is basically termed as the chronic type of the disease that can be painful for the patients. There are some medical and non-medical treatments that are available for the patients. Capsaicin can be one of the treatments that can be given to the patient at the initial stages. There are some antiseizure medications can also be helpful for the patients suffering from the disease. Gabapentin can also help in some cases. There are some physical exercises that can also be suggested to the patients with mild pain.
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