What is Hyperspermia - Definition, Symptoms Causes, Treatment

Sex is the basic need of every mature human; male and female. Today, medical research has discovered some abnormality among the men during having a sex. If a man releases a volume of the sperms or semen more than 5.5 ml, then it will be considered as hyperspermia that is kind of sexual abnormality. Basically, many men having this problem still do not have any idea about what is hyperspermia. They consider it the strength and better for them to reproduce the babies. If a male discharges such amount of sperm in every sex encounter, then it may cause weakness, poor erection and some other fertility issues that may be critical.

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Hyperspermia Definition

Ejaculation is a phenomenon in which a male sex performer releases semen or sperm in high volume. Usually, medical hyperspermia definition describes this sexual disorder as, “It is a sexual phenomenon when a male discharges sexually with a lot of sperms almost equal or more than 5.5 ml.” Many men and boys consider it harmless and risk-free disorder, but in fact, it should be investigated to rule out possibility of any complication later on. Sometimes, the men experience little pain during the discharge and often they have a lasting fatigue after having a sex encounter.

What is Hyperspermia - Definition, Symptoms Causes, Treatment

Hyperspermia Symptoms

Hyperspermia is not a pathological condition. If a person experiences this disorder, then he may observe a number of hyperspermia symptoms and signs to confirm it. In general, the major signs and symptoms of hyperspermia may include following things.

•    Lasting discharge of sperms and semen
•    Stretchiness in sexual organ
•    A backache after finishing a discharge
•    Weakness and shortage of breath
•    Yellow or off white color of sperms
•    Thin sperms and semen at the last moments
•    Fatigue and dizziness
•    Poor erection over time
•    Male impotence possibility etc.

Hyperspermia Causes

It carries more importance for a suffering person to know completely about the major hyperspermia causes. Usually, there are plenty of reasons behind this excessive fertility and release of sperms just in single ejaculation or sex session. Generally, following causes and reasons of hyperspermia are more common

•    Sex boosting devices and drugs
•    Addiction of drugs that make sperms thin and larger in quantity
•    Some sexual treatments, medicines and surgeries
•    Consumption of high potency steroids and heavy diet having more proteins, fiber and nutrients
•    More gap in having ejaculation or sex etc.

Hyperspermia Treatment

There are many questions about hyperspermia and its seriousness. This kind of abnormality does not require any treatment unless and until it imparts some fertility issues or sexual problems. In general, there are many types of remedies, medicines, herbs, injections, physical exercises and cautions that can be used as the hyperspermia treatment. It is said that if a person cares and avoid having some types of sex enhancing drugs or general narcotics, then hyperspermia can be prevented successfully. If you are having trouble in seminal discharge along with hyperspermia then proper diagnosis would be required before starting any kind of therapeutic treatment.
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