Nikolsky sign Positive, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Nikolsky sign is ability to manually spread a blister by putting force with help of fingers on specific area of skin from side of lesion. It is thought that it occurs due to malfunctioning of interacellular adhesion. Initailly, it was presumed that it is associated with pemphigus but later on further studies reveal that other bistering disorders may also act as triggering factors for nikolsky Sign. Nikolsky Sign is basically a skin disorder that has many reasons and causes.

However, most doctors and skin specialists believe that it is some kind of infection that may happen due to unknown reasons. Basically, the most women and men suffer from this skin disorder and still, they don’t have any clear idea about what is Nikolsky sign. This disorder becomes serious if you have a skin allergy. In this skin disorder, the outer or external layer slips away from the internal layer when a person rubs the skin. In the beginning, patients feel no pain, but if they don’t apply any treatment, then reddish skin may create some problem and deliver the pain.

Nikolsky sign Positive, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Positive Nikolsky Sign

Sometimes, the epidermis becomes rough due to infections, dryness or weather changes. In such situation, it would be good for the people to get a new skin by removing the outer one. This will be a positive Nikolsky sign and it does not have any bad or negative impact on the skin. However, you should never remove the affected skin because it can cause some problem. You can leave the epidermis removing naturally and automatically with the passage of time.

Nikolsky Sign Symptoms

There is no need of a medical checkup, any proper diagnoses or other confirmation to declare the Nikolsky Sign. Usually, there will be no pain or medical problems with you if you have this skin disorder. However, there are some Nikolsky sign symptoms which you must consider to make sure this skin problem. When you rub the skin somewhere, especially from the face, hands, arms and other parts of your body, then it will get off easily and the new skin will appear. The removal of first or basic skin will never deliver you much pain, but you can observe the pink or reddish endodermis that will be now epidermis.

Nikolsky Sign Causes

There are no obvious causes of Nikolsky Sign and its precise mechanism is still not fully understood. However, when you go through the Nikolsky sign causes, then you will find some important reasons of Nikolsky Sign. Clinically some reported symptoms of Nikolsky Sign are;

  • Serious bacterial infection like Scalded Skin Syndrome
  • Drug reactions
  • Weather or climate changes
  • Skin allergy
  • Toxic Epidermis Necrolysis
  • Bullous Impetigo
  • Deep burn of the skin
  • Application of skin whitening products
  • Sometimes it happens due to genetic history etc.

Nikolsky Sign Treatment

There are plenty of skin softening medicines and antibiotics that can heal this skin disorder fast. It has been evaluated that injecting antibiotics and specific fluids through veins can be a better treatment than swallowing the medicines and supplements as well as applying some skin protection medicines and lotions. The cares and cautions would be the best measures ever to prevent this skin problem.

It is claimed that some home remedies like apple cider vinegar and aloe vera gel are very beneficial to minimize dryness or other disorders due to which nikolsky sign occurs. Moreover, aloe vera gel contains sulfur that acts as bactericidal thus help to minimize the risk of secondary infection.
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