What is Odontalgia - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

One of the common names for the facial pain is atypical odontalgia. The pain is generally known as the phantom tooth pain. As the name suggests, the pain is generally revolves around the face and the jaws region.The pain can be because of the nervous system, there might be misfiring of neurons in the nervous system that can possibly be one of the reasons for the problem.  Such type of the pain should be consulted with the orofacial pain specialist or neurologist. In simple words it can said that the pain should get worse if the diagnosis is not properly done.

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Odontalgia Definition

Odontalgia is one of the types of pain that is also called facial pain. It is named odontalgia because it usually hurts the tooth region. In other words it can simply be called as the toothache. In this type of the problem patient normally feel pain while having a hot or cold drink. The pain can get aggravated by chewing as well. With the passage of time the pain can get worse; if the pain is left untreated it can spread and cause serious pain in the jaws and the face region.

What is Odontalgia - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Odontalgia Symptoms

As far as the Odontalgia is concerned, the symptoms are quite clear. There is a spontaneous pain that can start right from the tooth and can generally involve tooth socket and the area of jaws. Most of the time the problem is found to be common in females around 40 years.

One of the common symptom is the pain may stay away during the night time but can appear during the day time. The pain can get mild to severe; patients having their root canal treated are most likely to have this type of problem.

Odontalgia Causes

According to the recent research done by the clinicians there are some factors that can trigger such type of the pain. The Odontalgia can be because of genetic predisposition, there is a major role to be played by the age and the sex group.

Some clinicians are convinced that the toothache can be because of short-circuiting of the nerves that can carry the various levels of sensation to the jaws. However, these reason may not be too convincing for most of the doctors, but some believe that the pain ca be because of decay and periodontal disease.

Odontalgia Treatment

There are treatments available for Odontalgia. The pain can immediately be removed with the help of tricyclic antidepressants. These antidepressants are one of the most common treatments that can be given to the patients. Another medicine that is usually recommended to treat such type of the pains is Amitriptyline.

Other than that there are some drugs that are suggested to the patient in order to reduce the chronic pain, common names are such as gabapentin, baclofen, and duloxetine. All of these medicines are proved to be good for a shorter period of time, these medicine can give temporary relieve to the patient.
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