Teratophilia pictures, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Types

Sex is a main part in continuation of life. Almost all the organisms including the human beings has sex feature to increase the population. Studying sex is very interesting because it is based on complete science. For example, people have sex attraction which depends on several characters such as beauty, color, and lifestyle.

When talking about sex, it is important to discuss the sexual preferences. Everyone has sexual preferences in order to select a partner. Normally, people love to find attractive persons as a partner. On the other hand, a disorder is known as Teratophilia in which people love to have sex with monsters. This is strange but it is true. This is a widely accepted phenomenon. People who prefer to have sex with monsters usually develop their own imaginations about them. It has been noticed that most of the patients with severe condition like to find any person who looks like a monster. Anything that is abnormal such as curved chest or long skull attracts these patients.

The term “Teratophilia” is a combination of two Greek words. The word “Teras” means Monster while the “Philia” means love. According to some experts, the first word is “Terato” which means a birth defect. This word is also referred to physical abnormalities present in body. In the broad sense, the Teratophilia is a disorder that forces the patients to have sex with monsters. The patients of this disorder are called Teratophiles and they don’t feel any type of fear from monsters. Instead, they love to have a courtship with monsters as well as people who look like a monster.

Teratophilia Pictures/Images

Teratophilia pictures, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Types

Teratophilia Types

Based on the condition and preference of patients, the Teratophilia  is further divided into two categories.
  1. Acrotomophilia: This is a condition in which patients feel excitement towards amputees.
  2. Stigmatophilia: Patients with this stage usually love to see scars on the body of their partners.

Teratophilia Symptoms

Symptoms of teratophilia are not obvious in routine life. The only way to identify teratophilia in a specific person is exposing him/her to such environment that triggers this kind of phobia. Moreover, people having such kind of phobia may also have some kind of psychiatric problems frequently seeing nightmares, having visions or imagination, living in a state of euphoria etc.

Teratophilia Causes

This sexual behavior has been studied widely. According to the experts, the Teratophilia is a condition which motivates the people to have a love with monsters or monster like persons. This disorder is controversial because of the two opinions. The first opinion has been discussed above while the second opinion is little unfair. Experts with second opinion suggest that people with Teratophilia are more social and they have no boundaries for other people in the society. They see the beauty in a person while ignoring the deformities present in his body. However, this opinion is weak because it is based on an unnatural point.

Remember, people with Teratophilia are not dangerous. They don’t want to turn a person into a monster. There is no record of brutality or torture found in the profiles of Teratophiles. However, it is important to pay attention for the quick cure. Therapies such as hypnosis are commonly used to treat the patients with this disorder. It may help them to control their urges when trying to mix-up with society’s standards.

Teratophilia Treatment

There is no single magic bullet that cures such kind of phobias. Teratophilia can be easily managed via psycho-social therapy, behavioral therapy, exposure therapy and some necessary medications. Exposure therapy is very important because in this therapy patient leans how to manage such circumstances without deviating from normal behavior. Similarly, psycho therapy brings motivation and positive attitude that is very necessary to cope with any kind of phobia. Some necessary medications that might be used during treatment include psychotropic drugs, sedatives, stimulants and antidepressants.
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