What is Kakorrhaphiophobia - Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Kakorrhaphiophobia can be termed as the type of fear that can damage the self-esteem of the patient. There is an unknown fear that can make the patient feel very weak. Once a patient start feeling down and weak, it refers to a condition in which patient is not willing to face any type of the situation.

A patient suffering from the phobia might not be able to perform the daily task.  It is a specific type of the phobia that can generally refers the fear of failure. The will to fight is mostly effected in such type of the disease.

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Kakorrhaphiophobia Definition

The word Kakorrhaphiophobia comes from a Greek language Kako is a Greek word that means bad and the second portion of the word is phobia that is also Greek means fear. This type of phobia is considered as abnormal. There is a variable degree of the phobia that can affect the patient. The history of the phobia can have roots connected to the childhood. It is can be quite damaging to the personality as it can make the patient feel powerless. The power of making the decisions is very difficult for the patients suffering from this specific kind of phobia.

Kakorrhaphiophobia Symptoms

There are multiple symptoms that can suggest that a patient is suffering from kakorrhaphiophobia. Patients suffering from the disease can have very low confidence specifically when it comes to the competition. The fear of loss is the prime symptom; moreover the patients can get easily panicked as well. There is an undefined terror that keeps the patient down. Along with these symptoms if the patient is feeling dreadful then there are higher number of chances that the patient is suffering from the phobia. Heartbeat is mostly fast and sometimes there is a shortening of the breath as well. Anxiety is also common.

Kakorrhaphiophobia Causes

There are some obvious causes of such type of the phobias. Most of the times such type of problems are transferred genetically. There are various events that can also trigger such type of the phobias. In most of the cases there is a history involve, during the early age if the patient have gone through a tragic incidents.

There are fair chances that the patient would be suffering from the kakorrhaphiophobia. It can transfer from parents to a child. The chemistry of the brain can have a certain level of the involvement as well.

Kakorrhaphiophobia Treatment

Kakorrhaphiophobia is curable. There are various sets of methods that can be used. NLP is one of the common methods that can be used. It is a type of therapy that doesn’t involve any kind of the pain. There are some medications that can be given as well.

The psychiatrist can help the patients in a more meaningful way. There are various trainings and the sessions conducted by the psychiatrist in order to get the patient out of the phobia. A therapist can also be consulted in such type of the situation.
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