What is Lhermitte's Sign - Definition, Positive Signs, Test, Treatment

There are two types of health disorders physical and internal diseases. Basically, lhermitte’s Sign is a quick sensation in form of pain that originates from neck and back spinal and moves towards legs, arms and bottom part of the body. People over 40 may have this physical disorder, but sometimes youngsters and teenagers also suffer from this painful disease.Pain associated with lhermitte’s sign seems like an electric shock and it is often called Barber’s Chair Syndrome or Lhermitte’s Syndrome. Health professionals give the informative explanation for what is Lhermitte's sign. They say it happens when someone bows the head towards the chest and in the result, an electric pain impulse originates.

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Lhermitte's Sign Definition

It can be defined as severe as well as sudden pain from the back of neck towards backbone, spinal cord, abdomen, thighs, legs and arms. Sometimes, this pain lasts longer, but in most cases, patients overcome it if they have a stronger physical body and take regular workouts. Anyhow, there is no medication except the painkiller to relieve this intensive ache from the top of neck to legs, even feet. According to health reports 2013, it was estimated that almost 16% people in the world suffer from lhermitte’s Syndrome.

What is Lhermitte's Sign - Definition, Positive Signs, Test, Treatment

Lhermitte's Sign Positive

There is no specific medical test or any way to diagnose lhermitte’s sign because it is totally a physical disorder that happens due to sudden bending of the neck and spinal cord. When you look at the Lhermitte's sign positive, you will come to know few symptoms that confirm this disorder in a patient. Some very common symptoms of lhermitte’s syndrome are as under.

•    Fatigue
•    Fear of standing and moving
•    Severe and intensive pain from spinal cord and neck to rest of body
•    Pain in physical movement
•    Sudden electric shock to the whole body, especially legs, backbone, arms, shoulders and spinal cord etc.

Lhermitte's Sign Tests

There are few medical tests like CT scan and X-ray are main lhermitte's sign tests to diagnose this pain. Further, many people always prefer physicians and joint experts to diagnose this type of physical disorder. However, there are few types of this syndrome which patients generally encounter with due to some sudden and wrong bending towards their chest. Lhermitte’s syndrome can happen due to some activities and causes like;

•    Physical trauma
•    Transverse Myelitis
•    Quick bend
•    Bone and spinal cord infections
•    Weak physical posture
•    Spinal Cord tumor
•    Cervical spondylosis
•    High potency chemotherapy
•    Head and neck injuries etc.

Lhermitte's Sign Treatment

There are some very effective and beneficial drugs that can keep muscles and bones relax. These remedies are applied to patients when they have rare lhermitte’s sign. If someone has severe pain due to lhermitte’s syndrome, then a more suitable lhermitte's sign treatment is applied to the patient. Some medicines and other remedies for lhermitte’s sign are;

•    Antiseizure medicines
•    Sodium blockers
•    Muscle relaxers
•   Steroidal therapy
•    Electrical devices
•    Neck collar or brace
•    Herbal oils and remedies
•    Right physical postures
•    Physical therapy and deep massage
•    Physical workouts stressing over the neck and spinal cord etc.
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