Pneumocephalus - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prognosis

There is a complex, but the natural mechanism in the brain of every human. The entire brain is surrounded and packed in the stronger skull that protects the interior veins, brain, nervous system and other organs that are important to conduct different functions. In these days, Pneumocephalus has become a chronic and highly risky mental disorder that is completely associated with the skull of the head. If you look at what is Pneumocephalus, then you will know it is a condition in which there is a gas or air in the skull. Basically, there are several common and rare causes of Pneumocephalus tension that lets the air enters the skull.

It is necessary to explain that once the air enters the skull, and then there will be no way to release. The air in skull will affect common and specific functions of the brain because the nervous system will get affected. There may be several complications and risks associated with this disorder. However, there are many valuable, 100% satisfaction guaranteed and reliable treatments that can recover a patient faster and completely. The doctors and surgeons always emphasize people to avoid taking neurosurgeries that may cause Pneumocephalus excessively. Further, in some rare cases, this type of brain complication happens spontaneously, but such cases are very limited in number.

Pneumocephalus - Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prognosis

Pneumocephalus Symptoms:

This is much compulsory for everyone to be aware of the main Pneumocephalus symptoms because this will help the people to take immediate actions once they suffer from this disorder. Anyways, there are many clinically discovered and verified symptoms of Pneumocephalus in patients. Initially, a patient will experience a severe headache and more probably, he/she will have some pinches of pain after unknown intervals. It is also possible a suffering person may experience frequent vomiting and nausea as well in initial stages. The patients will have very depressed neurological conditions, while they feel dizziness throughout the day. Seizures may also occur when a person experiences Pneumocephalus.

Pneumocephalus Causes:

Surgeons and doctors have reported dozens of common and a few rare Pneumocephalus causes. They officially classify these causes into some categories like spontaneous, surgical and incidental. However, all these are possible reasons that result in Pneumocephalus in the patients. Some more common and popular causes of this disorder are;

•    Chronic subdural
•    Dural laceration
•    Tumor
•    Neuro-Surgeries
•    Epidermoid
•    Tumors
•    Pituitary injuries and tumors
•    Post surgical
•    Failure of surgery
•    Air sinus through skull
•    Open fracture
•    Barotraumas
•    Spinal Anesthesia
•    Lumber puncture etc.

Sometimes, the patients experience this disorder naturally, while they don’t have any surgery or injury.

Pneumocephalus Prognosis:

Though this skull disorder is a bit chronic and critical, the quick diagnoses and proper treatment can help the patients to recover quickly. Usually, you need the assistance of an experienced and certified surgeon for proper and comprehensive Pneumocephalus prognosis. Once your surgeon declares this problem in your skull, then you should decide for a treatment immediately. Further, there are verified and result-guaranteed treatments as well as surgeries that can cure this skull issue completely and let you restore your mental and physical health faster. It is compulsory for patients to get treated completely in this disorder because it may affect the brain functions, health and corresponding power.

Pneumocephalus Treatment:

There is no proper guidelines for Pneumocephalus treatment but surgical intervention remains main stay in critical situations. Some medications like pain killers and anti-seizure drugs might prescribed to relieve pain and seizures associated with Pneumocephalus.
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