Scaphocephaly - Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

When the skull of your baby may become longer and smaller in width, while the forehead is bigger, then it will be called Scaphocephaly that is a baby flat head syndrome type. Usually, there are many reasons and factors that cause this problem in infants. In general, when you go through the exact definition of what is Scaphocephaly, then you will have some new and more interesting information. Basically, this is a cephalic disorder that may happen if the premature fusion of sagittal suture in the infants occurs. Sometimes, the babies have this problem at the time of birth because they get this skull problem during the pregnancy.

However, there are many other causes that are behind Scaphocephaly that is also considered as a gene problem, but it is rare to shift from parents to the children. On the other side, when a baby suffers from this skull issue, then he/she will have longer head and flat from sides. In addition, the forehead of babies will seem flattered and wider width compared to the normal children. In these days, there are many technologies and therapies that can help your kids to restore their head skull and make it completely natural. However, it is possible only when a kid is below 6 to 8 months.

After this age period, it will be a bit complicated for parents as well as doctors to handle such conditions. Nowadays, the most parents are unfamiliar with what is Scaphocephaly as they experience this problem, but they don’t have sufficient knowledge about reasons and causes of this disorder. Sagittal suture generally joins the two parietal bones in the skull of head and shape of entire heads changes in a short course of time. If a baby has a long and narrow head, then it will seem very odd. However, if you go through the health complications of Scaphocephaly, then you will come to know no reported critical problem for babies.

Scaphocephaly Pictures:  

Scaphocephaly - Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Scaphocephaly - Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Scaphocephaly Symptoms:

There are dozens of medical discovered Scaphocephaly symptoms which you must keep in mind when going to give the birth a baby. In general, the head size, shape and skull structure are enough to verify this head problem. Secondly, the skull of a baby will be flatter, longer and narrow. Usually, the length of the head will be more than normal babies. Secondly, the head from both sides will be narrows, while the forehead will have a flatter shape that is easily visible. The eyes of a baby having this problem may be smaller due to bigger and wider forehead. In addition, it has been verified that the babies suffering from Scaphocephaly will have slower growth.

Scaphocephaly Causes:

There are two types of the Scaphocephaly causes; first is during pregnancy and second is after delivery. In the most cases, the babies suffer from this skull complication when their position in pregnancy changes to a side. The head position is more important for the health and growth of a baby before as well as after delivery. Secondly, misshapen of the uterus may also cause Scaphocephaly in the newly born babies. If a woman carries twins or more babies, then some or all the babies may have this skull problem. In some cases, the women experience a few complications during their delivery that may cause Scaphocephaly.

Scaphocephaly Treatment: 

Treatment of Scaphocephaly mainly depends upon early intervention of skull deformities otherwise it becomes difficult to treat. Surgery is mainstay in which cranial remolding orthosis is done successfully. Number of other surgical techniques are also available for the treatment of Scaphocephaly.
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