Fluidotherapy Definition, Indications, Benefits, Working, Precautions

It is an energy transferring thermal physical agent. The energy is transferred to the soft tissues of muscles via forced convection. It consist of finely divided solid particles having the properties of a liquid. Along with superficial heat a tactile stimulation is also occurred for some motion. Its efficiency is mostly similar to the paraffin bath. And they both have the same indications as well. Dry heat is applied to the musculoskeletal site and it is considered the best therapy as compare to the other heat therapies. It is used to decrease the intensity of pain, edema and the spasm in muscles.

Fluidotherapy Indications

It is used for the following conditions listed below:

  • Whenever there is pain in the local area of body, fluidotherapy is done to relief the pain.
  • If the patient do not have rheumatoid arthritis and still feels the pain then fluidotherapy is done to manage the pain.
  • To increase the blood circulation of any local area of body.
  • Exercise is also done with fluidotherapy to manage the movement of joints
  • For the purpose of tissue heating.
  • To stimulate the sensory nerves.
  • To increase the blood flow of a specific site.
  • In the condition of paralysis.

Fluidotherapy Definition, Indications, Benefits, Working, Precautions

Fluidotherapy Benefits

Fluidotherapy have the following benefits:

  • It stimulates and promotes the healing of tissues.
  • It also help in vasodilation with the help of heat.
  • It increases the blood flow of the site.
  • It also stimulate the regeneration of the defected tissues.
  • It increase the sensory stimulation of collagen and improves the motion of joints.
  • It also causes stimulation of skin via rubbing. Along with mechano receptors stimulation on skin.
  • Reduces severe pain in the muscles.
  • It provide warmth to the site of muscles via its massaging action.
  • The patient feels free to move around and do any exercise he wants.

Fluidotherapy Working

First the patient is checked properly whether he needs therapy or not then the fluidotherapy is done. The fluidotherapy machine is pre heated. It feels like popcorns are cooking when the finely divided solid particles heat up and then the patient is allowed to place the affected area of body let’s suppose it is the arm, in the region containing hot air solid particles. The patient feels warmth and feel relaxed. The patient is allowed to move the arm and exercise it. The sleeve nicely covers the arm so that the solid debris do not get in contact with arm directly.

Fluidotherapy Precautions

As heat is involved in this kind of therapy so, it must be operated by a certified person who knows about optimal range of temperature at which therapy initiates. Moreover, you skin must be intact and does not have any major open wound because heat may cause further damage.
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