Bioanalyzer Principle, Working, Results, Price

Bio analyzer is an electrophoresis machine which is used in capillaries for the measurement of DNA, RNA and proteins. Bio analyzer was produced by Agilent. It is used in the experiments performed to check the performance or quality of process like in many micro assays. It is mostly used in RNA quality control measurements. It is used for sizing the DNA, RNA and proteins along with quantification and quality control of DNA, RNA and proteins. It is a chip type machine which easily attach inside the capillaries giving the accurate data required about DNA, RNA and proteins present in blood.

Bioanalyzer Principle

Bio analyzer basically works on the principle of the process named electrophoresis. The electrophoresis principle is developed into a chip format. The format of chip decreases the time of separation and sample consumption. The traditional electrophoresis is performed with gel. 2 electrodes are placed within different buffers and the ions of both medium exchanges through the connection between them. In bio analyzer the micro channels are filled with the polymer and dye (florescent dye). After filling the chip works as electrical circuit. Via mechanism of mass to charge ratio the DNA, RNA and proteins are attracted due to voltage difference.

Bioanalyzer Principle, Working, Results, Price

Bioanalyzer Working

First of all, material is prepared with a concentration recommended 500 ng per microliter or 1000 ng per microliter. And the RNA is denatured at 70 degrees for 2 min. then the gel is prepared by taking out aliquot of gel and the fluorescent dye. The dye is vortexes for 10s and spin down. Mix aliquot and dye in equal quantities and wash the electrodes. Now take out chip and fill with 9 microliter gel then press plunger and wait. After 30 s release silver then pull plunger. Add 5 microliter of marker in both wells i.e. 5 microliter per well. It takes over 20 min to complete run.

Bioanalyzer Results

The expected result is within the range of 25 to 500 ng per microliter. The quantitative accuracy is expected up to 20 CV. CV is the coefficient of variance. According to the concentration mentioned in the working, the following are the results of bio analyzer. Mean concentration obtained is 397 ng per microliter ± 18 ng per microliter. Coefficient of variance is 4 % and the range is 371 to 417. The measured RINs are 10, 10, 10, n/a, n/a, 10. The concentration of RNA is good.

Bioanalyzer Price

The Agilent 2100 bio analyzer have different prices according to the kit used for assay. The price of DNA 1000 kit of cat 5067 to 1504 is around 36 dollars. The price of DNA 7500 kit with cat 5067 to 1506 is around 36 dollars. The price of DNA 12000 kit with cat 5067 to 1508 is 36 dollars. All the above kits have same price. The prices vary with different models. As the price of bio analyzer model G2938A is around 6 thousand 4 hundred and 95 dollars. It is the quite expensive model of the bio analyzer.
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