Gluteal cleft Pictures, Fissure, Shield, Abscess, Asymmetric cleft

Gluteal cleft is the vertical partition which separates buttocks. It is also called butt crack or ass crack. The vertical line starts from sacrum to the perineum. It is a visible border separating ass into two parts. The depth of gluteal cleft varies and depend upon the developed gluteal muscles. The other synonyms of gluteal cleft are anal cleft, gluteal sulcus, natal cleft and intergluteal cleft. The gluteal cleft is just above the anus. It is present in all human beings and apes. Due to obstruction of hair follicle in the gluteal cleft may lead to a condition named pilonidal cyst.

Gluteal cleft Pictures

Gluteal cleft Pictures, Fissure, Shield, Abscess, Asymmetric cleft

Gluteal cleft Fissure

A fissure on gluteal cleft is a linear breakage of about 1 to 2 inch. The gluteal cleft fissure bleeds sometimes or bleed continuously in little quantity. The patient feel soreness in the hip line and also can’t sit on toilet. The patient also feel pain and sometimes can’t able to even walk around. The patients use topical medications to stop bleeding and to relax soreness of butt line. The gluteal cleft most of the time heals on its own but if not, then a proper treatment along with a pain reliever is recommended.

Gluteal cleft Shield

Gluteal cleft shield is a cover which is used to avoid problems related to gluteal cleft. The gluteal cleft shield is directly applied on the skin and fixes itself above the waistband. It is designed by a fashion designer named Kimberly brewer. It is decorated from the upper side with rhinestones and colorful studs. It is a hypo-allergenic denim. It is also wear for the sake of fashion while wearing low cut pants. It is wear to cover the bum crack or ass crack. The gluteal cleft shield protects the gluteal cleft from the unwanted exposure to outer environment. 

Gluteal cleft Abscess

Pilonidal sinus is the most common gluteal cleft abscess. In pilonidal sinus, there is a deep tunnel like hole on the upper side of gluteal cleft. The hole may be filled with pus or fluid. It is formed as result of obstruction of hair follicle. The filling of fluid or pus in the pilonidal sinus leads towards the formation of pilonidal cyst. Dirt, debris and hairs are present in the pilonidal cyst. The patient feel severe pain and bleeding from pilonidal sinus. Due to bleeding a foul smell also generates. It occurs in men and young adults. 

Asymmetric Gluteal cleft

Asymmetric gluteal cleft is also called crooked butt crack. In this condition, the patient do not have a sacral dimple on both or either side. It is present by birth in babies. The hip line become curved in this condition. Sometimes it is due to the incomplete development of the vertebrae. The asymmetric gluteal cleft is a harmless condition with no serious cause. The asymmetric gluteal cleft may also associated with a condition named hip dysplasia. To check the problem behind asymmetry ultrasound and x-ray test are performed. The gluteal cleft is uneven in the asymmetric gluteal cleft condition.
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