Vulvar hematoma Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, After Delivery, Treatment

Vulvar hematoma is a condition in which accumulation of blood occurs in the vulvar region due to increased blood pressure in veins. Due to increased blood pressure the blood accumulates and do not find a way out. Vulvar hematomas normally occur in pregnant women mostly after normal vaginal delivery of a baby but in women who are not pregnant can also suffer from vulvar hematoma due to any injury or trauma. In this condition the peri- clitoral of either side get crushed against pubic bone leading to vulvar hematoma. The occurrence of vulvar hematoma is very rare. It is a soft tissue inflammation in the vulvar region.

Vulvar hematoma Pictures 

Vulvar hematoma Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, After Delivery, Treatment 

Vulvar hematoma Symptoms

The following symptoms are associated with vulvar hematoma:

  • The patient feels swelling on either side of vagina which is increasing steadily. 
  • The swollen part is tender and tense on touch.
  • The accumulated blood turns the color of vagina to purplish or blackish.
  • Severe pain is also associated with vulvar hematoma, the patient cannot even sit properly due to pain and painkillers cannot help it to reduce pain.
  • If the swelling increases and compress urethral opening, the patient feel difficulty in passing urine.
  • Pressure on rectum can also occur.

Vulvar hematoma Causes:

The vulvar hematoma is the condition commonly occur in pregnant women. But there are some causes behind vulvar hematoma in women who are not pregnant. The main causes are as follows:
  • It can occur as a result of trauma (external or internal) and injury due to sliding, fall from height, skating, gymnastics and during many other sports activities.
  • It can also occur as a result of abusive sex and sexual assault or during a rape.
  • Any kind of foreign insertion causing damage to vulvar veins.
  • After the normal vaginal delivery of a baby vulvar hematoma can occur.

Vulvar hematoma after Delivery

Vulvar hematoma can occur after normal vaginal delivery of a baby. As after delivery, the vaginal cut is stitched and let the wound to heal, but if the wound do not heal due to any reason it will lead to vulvar hematoma. The main reasons behind this condition after delivery is the use of unhygienic instruments like vacuum or forceps, multiple gestation, inability of the blood to clot and when there is improper surgical recovery of an episiotomy. The women feel pain and discomfort in sitting and moving around. Preeclampsia is another risk factor associated with it.

Vulvar hematoma Treatment

The main aim behind the treatment of vulvar hematoma is to save patient from hemorrhagic shock and to stop bleeding as early as possible. The IV drips and medicines are used for that purpose.
There is also a surgical procedure to treat vulvar hematoma. In this surgical procedure, an incision is made at the top of the hematoma void and then with an instrument all the blood clots are removed from depth. Then all the ruptured veins are stitched or tied up and then the incision is sealed again. Well, a draining tube is also put into the wound to clear all the oozing blood.
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