Fowler's position Definition, Procedure, Uses, Angle/Degrees

Fowler’s position was invented by George Ryerson Fowler. It is called a standard patient position in which a patient normally sit. This position is adapted by the patients for oral and nasal gastric feeding. This position is also adapted by the patients who feel difficulty in breathing, and in order to do X-ray of patient lying on bed having difficulty in breathing. This position is also used for the purpose of general grooming and is beneficial for patients had abdominoplasty. In this position, the bed from the head side is lifted upward.

The body of the patient become inclined at an angle of 90 to 15 degrees. The legs of the patient may bend at knees or lie straight on bed. This position is preferred in a condition named respiratory distress syndrome. In this syndrome, this position allow the patient to breathe properly and this position also facilitates oxygenation. For bed ridden patients, this position is perfect for the purpose of eating, talking and easy swallowing of food according to the law of gravity. There are many positions related to fowler’s position i.e. semi fowler position, low fowler position and high fowler position depending upon the condition of patient.

Fowler's position Definition, Procedure, Uses, AngleDegrees

Fowler's position Procedure

In nursing practice, the positioning of patient is important and necessary according to the patient’s need and comfort. This is required for the good body ailment of patient. This position is of great importance in various surgical procedures. It is indicated preferably in surgeries like ear and nose surgeries for easy approach to them by the patients. The semi fouler position is used in cardiac surgery, shoulder and nasal surgery, cranial surgery for easy access. Abdominoplasty and breast reconstitution surgery have also become easy with semi fowler position.

In procedure of repairing the rotator cuff, the semi fowler position is adapted. When the shoulder dislocation occur due to any injury, the surgical procedure is carried out in the semi or low fowler position. The semi fowler position is also known as beach chair position. The table is placed beside patient for the purpose of motivation to move his arm. The arm should not hang by side. 4 number of personnel are required to change the side of patient. The mattress used should be air mattress and additional padding must be used if required to avoid pressure sores and injuries. The eyes of the patient are tape closed during procedure.

Fowler's position Uses

There are many uses of fowler position. The most common use is easy access to the part of surgery. The cranial surgery become easy in this position. The patient feel comfortable in this position. The bed ridden patient find this position more comfortable while eating, drinking and talking. In this position the process of digestion becomes easy for the patients undergone abdominoplasty. The patients and physicians are more comfortable in this position while cardiac surgery, stomach surgery, nasal surgery, cranial surgery and breast surgery.

The patients with breathing syndrome is also comfortable in this position as the respiration becomes easy due to more oxygenation capacity of lungs. This position is widely used in women after delivering a baby to make the uterine drainage more easy. Also this position is widely used in infants with respiratory distress problems. During rotatory cuff is also surgically treated with the help of this position. The interventions in this position are also on peak in order to make this position comfortable and easy for patients. These interventions are removing the drawbacks of this position as well as increasing the benefits of this position. The most common used type is semi fowler position.

Fowler's position Angle/Degrees

There are three types of fowler position i.e. low fowler position, semi fowler position and high fowler position on the basis of the angle of patient’s body. In low fowler position, the angle between the upper and lower body ranges from 15 to 30 degrees. This is considered the best position for the patient’s comfort. In semi fowler position, the angle between the upper and lower body ranges from 30 to 45 degrees. This position is beneficial in terms of less nausea feeling. In high fowler’s position the angle increases up to 90 degrees.
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