Odaxelagnia Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Odaxelagnia is condition related to sexual activity. In this condition a person when bite his partner or when being bitten by him/her feel a sexual arousal in himself. The person may bite anywhere on the partner’s body. Odaxelagnia is considered a mild form of sadism. As sadism is an extreme pleasure the partners enjoy while hitting each other intensely. The patient feel a desire of having sex with his partner in odaxelagnia. It can also be said that the odaxelagnia is derived from the life style of vampires. A survey report stated that about half of the total population feel sexual arousal on biting or get bitten by partner.

The biting in the odaxelagnia is not on extreme level that the blood start rinsing as it happens in sadism. The partners find pleasure in hurting each other. The sexual desire of most partners increases on sensual touch but some are fond of some wild act and odaxelagnia occurs in these person. To check the presence of odaxelagnia in children some home based test are performed like ADHD home test kits and concentration is noticed. It can also be checked in adults with a test adult ADHD and via observing his concentration.

Odaxelagnia Meaning, Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Odaxelagnia Symptoms

The main symptom associated with the odaxelagnia is the activation of sexual desire in partners when they sensually bite each other. Upon biting, the partner get activated and sometimes become hyper active and want to make pleasure with his partner via hurting each other. This may occur in both conditions like if been bitten by the partner or bite his partner. The body start warming up and shyness overcome the partners while biting each other. Biting is some source of sweet pain giving to the partner. It is also some sort of pleasure to the partners.

Odaxelagnia Causes

The odaxelagnia may occur as a result of watching too much BDSM porn and having too much interest in hurting someone. It mostly occurs in women with extreme sexual desire. The partners like to bite each other influencing from the wild sex on internet. It may be related to the psychological problem. The partners enjoy biting each other and rinsing the blood from the bite. It is a psychological condition in which the person enjoys hurting his sex partner via biting and many other fetish things. The sex involving the hurt and pain via biting is known as fetish sex.

Odaxelagnia Treatment

The person with odaxelagnia can be treated with a number of treatment plans like hypnosis, behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and psychoanalysis and drug therapy. Along with these therapies, a group therapy is performed in which there is 12 steps program which resemble to the sessions performed in alcoholic anonymous. Sexual education is also provided along with some social skill training. The medications used in the treatment of odaxelagnia are the anti-depressants including long term acting gonadotropin-releasing hormones (GnRH which is medical castration). Mood stabilizers are also prescribed to control mood extremities. Phenothiazine and antiandrogens are also included in it.
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