Silent sinus syndrome Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Surgery

There are two structures related to the negative sinus pressure are named maxillary sinus and orbital floor, whenever there is any asymptomatic collapse in them then the condition is known as silent sinus syndrome. The face of the patient show asymmetry but it is painless. Diplopia (the person see dual images) and enophthalmos (posterior displacement of an eye ball) can also occur as a result of this condition. The radiology reports of this condition shows the obstruction of maxillary sinus, opacification of sinus and loss of sinus volume which may occur due to the retraction of sinus walls to inside.

Silent sinus syndrome symptoms:

The visual sign of silent sinus syndrome is the asymmetry of the face and the asymmetry of face may lead to many other problems like diplopia. Diplopia is seen in about 28 to 65% of cases regarding silent sinus syndrome. Ocular motility limitation also occur and sometimes reported along with hypo Globus. The silent sinus syndrome may mostly effect the eyes and all symptoms are related to it. The eyes are not aligned in a line but are asymmetric to each other. The symptoms of silent sinus syndrome are not really related to sinus.

Silent sinus syndrome Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Surgery

Silent sinus syndrome causes:

There are many risk factors related to silent sinus syndrome and some of them are as follows. It can mainly occur as a result of aberrant nasal anatomy. The other causes related to the silent sinus syndrome are ipsilateral nasal septum deviation, middle turbinate which is laterally deviated and last but not least due to infundibula passage narrowing. The lateral deviation of middle turbinate is the most reported cause and is found in about 62 % of patients. The anatomical variations lead to the occlusion in maxillary sinus and as a result silent sinus syndrome occur.

Silent sinus syndrome treatment:

There are two treatment approach of silent sinus syndrome i.e. surgical treatment and non-surgical treatment. In surgical treatment, the surgery is performed to align the asymmetry of the face and to resolve the cause behind it. In non-surgical treatment, a gel is used to treat silent sinus syndrome. The gel used is called hyaluronic acid gel. The gel is used to reduce the enophthalmos effect i.e. double vision. This gel was published after middle meatal antrostomy. The gel is injected at once in the intra and extraconal posterior orbit with the needle of 21 gauge.

Silent sinus syndrome surgery:

Silent sinus syndrome can be treated surgically via two methods i.e. antrostomy and orbital floor repair. The endoscopy is performed in antrostomy in which the obstruction of osteomeatal complex is treated along with enlarged maxillary ostium. The endoscopic antrostomy is the gold standard to treat the silent sinus syndrome. The orbital floor which is involved in obstruction of the sinus is also repaired by surgery. It is also believed that the orbital floor is self reversing naturally if the negative sinus pressure is generated and increased. These two surgeries are the mostly used treatment option worldwide.
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