Ommetaphobia Definition, Test, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Ommetaphobia is also spelled as ommatophobia and it is the fear of eyes. Ommetaphobia develops when the patient have a traumatic incident in his life or any unforgettable incident happened in life. The traumatic incident is related to the eyes like eye popped out of socket or eye get injured. Seeing a person getting hit on eye or got to be blind on eye. It is also known as social phobia. As it involves the social activities like looking in someone’s eye or looking deep down on things, touching or rubbing the eyes or the things or dust particles entering in the eye.

Ommetaphobia Symptoms

Ommetaphobia is a type of phobia related to eyes. The patient feel anxiety up to the extreme level and also experience dreadful feelings. The patient feels shortness of breath whenever a particle or anything get in to the eye. Sometimes rapid breathing may occur. Patient can feel heart palpitations and have excessive sweating. Other symptoms faced by the patient are nausea, dry mouth and irritability. Patient is not able to focus on the one thing and everything seems to be shaky. Patient have the feelings of powerlessness along with the feelings of losing control.

Ommetaphobia Definition, Test, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Ommetaphobia Causes

Ommetaphobia is a phobia which is developed due to a past life incident related to eyes. It is also known as social anxiety disorder. The social phobias make the patient dull because the patient feel embraced in the public areas socializing. Ommetaphobia may occur due to a fear of injury already happen in life. It can be contagious like genetic tendency to be high strung nervous etc but the life related injuries and traumas make the phobia more bad. The eye injuries and trauma may be related to a close family member.

Ommetaphobia Treatment

Ommetaphobia is a phobia which requires medication as well as practical therapy to reduce and slowly eliminate the phobia. There are various treatment options regarding fear of eyes. Therapies include: Cognitive behavior therapy, simple cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, group discussion therapy, medication and meditation is also used to treat the Ommetaphobia. There are some other therapies other than these therapies which can be used at rare level and these therapies involve the habit strategy to relax the patient’s mind. The in-vivo exposure of patient to many situations regarding eyes. Energy psychology and psychotherapy is also used to treat Ommetaphobia.

Ommetaphobia Tests

For the purpose of diagnosis, the patient is passed through the tests to check the level of fear of patient. There is an online questionnaire available which should be answered by the patient for self assessment. Patient is observed in various situations and the reaction is noted. Patient is tested with the ADHD home test kits when he is at childhood stage. The concentration home testing is also performed to check the reaction of child against the situation. The adults are tested with different tests which are separated from the child’s test involving online questionnaire form.
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